Ilham Aliyev: “The transport is becoming the leading sector of the economy in Azerbaijan”

Ilham Aliyev: “The transport is becoming the leading sector of the economy in Azerbaijan”
# 24 April 2014 01:44 (UTC +04:00)

President Ilham Aliyev noted that the opening of a new terminal building is a great event, "This grandiose building is an evidence of the development of our country, and shows the power of Azerbaijan. This airport is one of the most beautiful airports in the world, a unique architectural work, and interior design pleases the eye . All work is done with high quality, great taste. As the air gate of the country, it shows the development of the modern Azerbaijan and gives additional beauty to Baku. There are all necessary conditions for passengers. There are very comfortable lounge areas , public places and large halls. From the air the building resembles a large bird with open wings . Similarly, today Azerbaijan is developing with wide-open wings, moving forward, is ranked first in the world in terms of economic development. The creation of such grandiose buildings, transport infrastructure is our state policy. "

According to Ilham Aliyev, the development of air transport is one of the priority issues in Azerbaijan: " In recent years, the development of air transport was invested largely by the government. The growth of our state budget allows allocating additional funds in this area. I can say that all the money invested in the infrastructure of air transport in recent years, was made possible through public investment. This airport will serve 6 million passengers a year. But the airport, built fifteen years ago and recently overhauled, can take 3 million passengers. Thus, 9 million passengers annually in Azerbaijan can use the Baku airport. "

The Head of the State said that the new airports had been built in other cities of Azerbaijan in recent years: "Over the past 10 years seven airports were built. Five of them have international status. Airports were constructed and commissioned in Baku , Ganja , Nakhchivan , Lankaran , Gabala , Zagatala and Yevlakh airports . I remember very well when we started construction of regional airports , there were different views : maybe this is not necessary , who will use these airports. But look how many passengers enjoy today our regional airports, as Azerbaijani citizens can now safely fly zones of their residence in other countries. Today, flights are organized from Ganja, Nakhchivan , Lankaran , Gabala airports to foreign countries . "

Aliyev stressed that the government continues its policy purchasing new aircrafts: "I can say that AZAL does not have a single old plane. All planes - new and meet the highest standards. There is nothing above these standards, as today AZAL aircraft fleet consists of Airbus, Boeing, Embraer. Today we have about 25 aircraft, and the process continues. In the near future we plan to purchase new large aircrafts. Today, AZAL is one of the distinguished airlines company globally. Safety and quality are in the foreground. Today these two factors are presenting AZAL in the world as a modern and dynamic company. "

The Head of State also noted the growth in freight traffic in Azerbaijan: "We are very rationally use our geographical location. We are trying to turn Baku into a transport and logistics center, and I believe that it has been achieved. With this purpose cargo aviation is successfully developing in Azerbaijan. New aircrafts are purchased. For many years, a cargo terminal is operating. Azerbaijan will continue to play the role of transport and logistics center in the world. We have a very favorable geographical position. However, I have always said - I remember ten years ago in my speeches related to transport issues, I said that if we do not ensure our geographical location with infrastructure, then this geography will not make any difference . Therefore, along with other areas , transport sector has also been a priority.

According to President Aliyev, specific programs are now being implemented in all areas of transportation: "We construct the highways. Construction of main and intercity roads is practically over. Over the past few years, we are seriously engaged primarily in rural roads. Construction of rural roads at the expense of the state budget and the reserve fund of the President is rapidly developing. I believe that in the coming years - until 2018, the completion of the third regional program, we will build and restore all rural roads. "

President Aliyev noted that maritime transport also remains as a priority: "The Caspian Shipping Company is considered on of the a major companies in the world. Additional measures and structural reforms were taken for more efficient operation of the company. Today, Caspian Shipping Company must also achieve the level of AZAL and it will reach.

The President stressed that in parallel the construction of the Baku -Tbilisi-Kars railway continues successfully: "We are implementing the project together with our partners - Turkey and Georgia. With the construction of the railway Azerbaijan will connect the two continents. Baku -Tbilisi-Kars is a historic project. Azerbaijan took over most of the financial cost. Construction work in Azerbaijani part will be completed by the end of this year, and I hope that next year this route could be opened completely. Thus, the most convenient, shortest road connecting Asia and Europe, will pass through Azerbaijan. "

In conclusion, the President of Azerbaijan said that the transport is becoming the leading sector of the economy in Azerbaijan: “The construction of such a beautiful airports in the same time, demonstrates the power of Azerbaijan - the young , but a modern country , which grows worldwide most rapidly from an economic point of view."

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