Armenian MP: If Zelensky decides to come to Armenia, then we have to accept it

Gagik Melkonyan, Armenian Member of Parliament

© APA | Gagik Melkonyan, Armenian Member of Parliament

# 26 February 2024 16:45 (UTC +04:00)

"If Zelensky decides to come, then we have to accept it. What is our problem?" Gagik Melkonyan, deputy of the "Civil Contract" faction of the National Assembly, said this in a briefing with journalists, APA reports citing Radar Armenia.

To the question, isn't it interesting how Russia will react? The MP answered, "We are not interested in how Russia will react. It is its business. We are interested in the interests of our country. As our country's interests dictate, we must be guided."

To the question: Is Armenia leaving the CSTO? Melkonyan answered: everything in its own time. "If you want us to leave, we will leave; if you don't want to... Freezing means we have not participated in all CSTO meetings for one year."

Turning to Lukashenko's statements that there is no need to rush, Melkonyan notes that Belarus lives as a serf, but we do not want to live the same way. "Now we want to become an independent country, to meet and sign military-technical contracts with whoever we want."