Kazakhstan warns of further military de-escalation in Syria

Kazakhstan warns of further military de-escalation in Syria
# 15 April 2018 05:21 (UTC +04:00)

Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan to the United Nations Kairat Umarov made a statement at today's Security Council meeting convened following reports of air strikes in Syria conducted by the United States, France and the United Kingdom, APA reports quoting Kazinform.

In his statement, Mr. Umarov stressed that Kazakhstan expresses its serious concern about the sharp escalation of the situation around Syria.

He said, "We call on all parties to prevent the further military escalation and take effective steps aimed at restoring confidence, establishing peace and ensuring security in the long suffering land of Syria on the basis of the UN Charter and the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council. Every time when we observe the increasing tensions in this chamber, we call to act responsibly in accordance with the UN Charter and international law. Who else if not the Council Members should show to the world an example of compliance to the principles and provisions of the Charter?"

Kazakhstan, according to him, is preaching others to strictly follow the international law and order.

Umarov said that sadly yesterday we witnessed a different example. "Whatever action taken under whatever good pretext can't and will not justify the military use of force. Violence against violence will never bring peace and stability. Kazakhstan's position has always been and continues to be that military action is the last resort to be applied only in cases approved by the UN Security Council," the Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan to the United Nations noted.

Mr. Umarov went on by adding that Kazakhstan is confident it is high time for serious negotiations. "The time has come for Syrian talks encouraging the United States and the Russian Federation given their standing as the co-chairs of the International Syria Support Group and their respective influence on the parties to move actively in the direction of finding a middle ground and political settlement of the conflict in Syria. The UN has a vital role in convening those negotiations and helping the parties resolve their disputes," he said.

He added, "Humanity hope that the 21st century would herald a new era of global cooperation. This, however, may turn out to be a mirage. Our world is once again in danger and the risks cannot be underestimated. The threat is a deadly war on a global scale. Our planet is now on the verge of the new Cold War which could have devastating consequences for all humankind. This is exact quote from the Manifesto of my President entitled The World. The 21st century of 31st March 2016. And just yesterday Secretary-General Mr. Antonio Guterres confirmed to us, to our regret, that the Cold War is back with a vengeance."

"Our President Nursultan Nazarbayev in his Manifesto (...) stressed that the main tool for resolving all disputes between the States should be only peaceful dialogue and constructive negotiations on the basis of equal responsibility for peace and security, mutual respect and non-interference into domestic affairs.

Avoiding any escalation and ending any sort of wars are the most challenging task which has no reasonable alternative. This task has to be treated by the world leaders as their highest priority on the global agenda. We also have to respect the sovereignty of states that are Member States of the UN. We urgently need a political solution," he said.

Kazakhstan, according to Mr. Umarov, urges the international community to exert political will to overcome their differences and reunite in negotiations believing that only the UN-led political transition in accordance with the Council Resolution 2254 could lead the way out of the Syria conflict which in turn could only advance if the Council is united.

He also emphasized that in order to see positive outcomes there is a strong need to continue supporting the aims of the Astana talks and further Geneva negotiations.

"All parties at the international, regional and Syrian level should support an immediate ceasefire and seriously and objectively move forward without any preconditions within the framework of the International Syrian Support Group under the auspices of UN in Geneva," Kairat Umarov pointed out.

He also called on all parties to ensure that the situation does not further deteriorate stressing that military means will not work and only political solution would succeed.

In conclusion, Mr. Umarov urged all relevant parties to persist in diplomatic efforts, seek political solutions, stick to dialogue and support the UN as the main mediation channel. Kazakhstan, in his words, is ready to work with all colleagues to preserve peace and security on the basis of mutual understanding, good will and determination to make the world a safer place.

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