Russian MFA Spokesperson: France's presence in South Caucasus is an attempt to prevent realization of peace agreements

Maria Zakharova, the Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

© APA | Maria Zakharova, the Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

# 27 March 2024 19:46 (UTC +04:00)

"Thinking that France is capable of ensuring the security of the South Caucasus is being naive," the Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova said in a briefing she held today, APA's Moscow correspondent reports.

According to her, if France had such capabilities, this state would apply it to the countries with which Paris has contractual obligations: "We have said this repeatedly. They (France-ed.) have been in those countries for decades, treated those countries as their colonies, even in the post-colonial period...even in the new colonial period, they kept their interests. France was obligated to do this (to maintain its political and economic security-ed.) on the African continent, because it was paid to do so. France was paid generously for its presence there. The French mission in these countries was a failure. Not because of political inconsistency. Because France left these countries, its allies and partners, alone in the most critical moments. And they began to look for replacement for the existence of France."

Zakharova noted that South Caucasus' future is only a tool for Paris: "It is just a tool to support its own prosperity and against the background of the hybrid war with Russia and its failure on the African continent. France's presence in the South Caucasus region is an attempt to monitor regional states, collect intelligence information about them, and prevent the realization of peace agreements reached between our countries."

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