Kremlin: Ukraine 'problem' cannot be solved without Russia

Kremlin: Ukraine
# 26 March 2024 02:27 (UTC +04:00)

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov dismissed on Monday Ukraine's plans to hold a "peace summit" in Switzerland later this year, insisting that the Ukrainian "problem" cannot be solved without Russia's participation, APA reports citing Argumenty i Fakty newspaper.

"Ukraine has turned into an instrument in the hands of the collective West, with the help of which they intend, as it seems to them, to put pressure on Russia, to contain Russia, to leave it on the margins of development," he told the Argumenty i Fakty newspaper.

Peskov said Russia must "exclude the possibility of the existence" of a neighboring state that "has aggressive aspirations towards us," including wanting to "take our Crimea by force." He also commented on the European Union's plan to take over the frozen Russian assets, saying that a state’s "right to its assets is sacred" and claiming that the move will make the EU less trustworthy in the eyes of investors.