Ramil Guliyev: “I raised the flags of two countries” – INTERVIEW

Ramil Guliyev: “I raised the flags of two countries” – INTERVIEW
# 18 August 2017 01:26 (UTC +04:00)

- As Nobel laureate William Faulkner said, a good specialist consists of 99% of talent, 99% of the discipline, 99% of the work. And what is the "recipe" of world champion Ramil Guliyev?

- Our recipe is to work harder. The more we work, the better the results. The main thing is that there are no injuries and illnesses. In addition to this, of course, talent is also needed.

- And of course discipline?

-I would say, discipline is the inner quality of a person. If a person is irresponsible and undisciplined, it will be difficult for him to absorb the listed qualities. There are many talented athletes who can not achieve successful results. Because they are lame discipline. Discipline is such a quality - it either has a person, or is missing. An undisciplined person is difficult to force to follow the rules.

-After returning from London, your coach Oleg Mukhin admitted that tactics are very important for you. Do you change the tactics for each competition?

- Of course, we define different tactics for each competition and even a race. In London, we separately analyzed the performances of all rivals. I am sure that they did the same. Because in athletics competitions it is not about 1/10, 1/100, but even 1/1000 of the time. All study rivals, because the smallest mistake is fraught with the loss of the medal.

-Do you mean a tactical mistake?

- Of course. Tactics, strength, psychological pressure - everything is important. And everything is very difficult. It's about the strongest athletes of the planet. To compete with them, you need to calculate everything as accurately as possible.

-What did you think after the sad end of Usain Bolt's career? You did not introduce yourself in his place?

- Frankly, Usain Bolt unsuccessfully completed his career. It would be better if he left the arena as a winner. It's not good for Bolt to lose in the farewell race. I was sure of his victory, I do not know about the reasons for his loss. Perhaps he had problems, or maybe he was sick? I did not talk to him on this subject. Be that as it may, this was a sad picture.

-Now we are in the training center of the club "Fenerbahce". After the victory, you said "well that I'm an athlete" Fenerbahce? Even the head of the club, Aziz Yildirim, shed tears on the air.

-Yes, that's right, I noticed. First of all, I express my gratitude to Turkey, the club, its leadership, the minister of sports, the head of the Federation of athleticism and the president of the country. They created the conditions for manifesting my talent and capabilities. Only talent does not solve anything, it needs to be developed. As you can see, all the conditions have been created here to confirm my talent on the world stage. I have already performed in the final stages of 3 world championships, made my way to the finals of the Olympic Games, the European Championships, I won the world title. This is the result of my attention. I also set my own records. Conditions have been created for the realization of talent opportunities.

-The next morning after the victory you were congratulated by the President of Azerbaijan," You are our pride, "said the head of state. What did you feel then?

-I am very happy to congratulate Mr. President. This is the great attention paid to me. I was given a lot of support from the president, people, people. Good comments have been written and continue to write. It makes me very happy. I am glad that I was able to please people. Support for the athlete is very important - otherwise all the work will go wrong. The support and care of the athlete raises the mood in the society. Sport - health, upbringing, healthy, correct perception. If you give proper attention to sports, the teaching and educational work also goes in the right direction. People who are far from sports, as a rule, are lazy in life. This is a big drawback. In a healthy body healthy mind.

- Faulkner advises young people not to run after luck, but to do their own business. The more they run after luck, the sooner she kills them. And what do you advise the youth?

-Go, first of all, is achieved when you are doing what you love. It is necessary to be engaged in that business from which you get pleasure. If you tirelessly engage in your favorite business, sooner or later you will achieve success. To long engage in any business, we must love him.

- He also notes that, in order to write, he does not need money, but paper and a pen. And to run you what you need?

- To receive also pleasure ... To act on a world scene, it is necessary to create the necessary conditions. If we are talking about professionalism, we need to love the cause and create conditions for its implementation. Then success is inevitable.

In Azerbaijan, some people accuse you of leaving the country ...

- Should I answer these charges? Frankly, I do not know about this. But, in general, it would be nice to speak briefly. As I noted earlier, after coming to Turkey, I was created all the conditions for the realization of my talent. I express my gratitude for creating these conditions for me at a high level. I do not want to say anything in connection with the attitude of athletics in Azerbaijan, but I do not think that I could win this success there. I heard that they even called me a "deserter". I love my country, at present I have two homelands - "one people - two states". But, I must say openly, it would be impossible to achieve this success in Azerbaijan, within the framework of the conditions there. And as for those who accuse me of not loving my homeland - I do not even want to comment on such ridiculous opinions. I raised the flags of the two states, this was my big dream after leaving. I believed that I would achieve great success in large-scale tournaments. I was sure that I would be successful in the European Championship, however, last year during the championship unfavorable weather conditions developed, and as a result I was not able to successfully perform. Participation in the Islamic Games was also important for me. I was greeted enthusiastically in my homeland. I was very pleased with the victory, I should have repeated successes in bigger tournaments. To become a world champion and to raise the flags of the two countries is a great happiness for me.

- What would you like to advise the youth?

- All should do sport. Sport provides the foundation of a healthy life, it is the educator of body and spirit. Many people want to achieve everything in life at once, it is impossible. Playing sports inspires people to more confidently go to the goal. Therefore, I urge everyone to go in for sports.