Senior Hamas official says the group's latest proposal for a ceasefire is "logical"

Senior Hamas official says the group
# 18 March 2024 04:53 (UTC +04:00)

Hamas official Ghazi Hamad said the latest proposal submitted for a ceasefire by the group to mediators is "logical," APA reports citing CNN.

"Our demands have become clear. We have spent a long time in talks and meetings with our brothers in Qatar and Egypt, and proposed our vision in a detailed and written way, and I think the mediators are convinced that Hamas has proposed a logical proposal that can achieve a reasonable agreement," Hamad, who is a senior figure in the political bureau of Hamas, told Al-Arabiya channel on Sunday.

He added that the proposal could bring about a "breakthrough" in the negotiations, but blamed Israel for "insisting" on continuing the war.

"We know (Israeli Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu would say our demands are unrealistic. The judges on this are the mediators, and we believe the mediators are convinced that Hamas offered a proposal that can make a breakthrough and achieve an agreement," Hamad said.

Some background: Ceasefire talks have progressed slowly.

Netanyahu told CNN on Sunday that Israel will keep trying to secure a deal that would see the release of 100 hostages in exchange for a six-week pause in fighting, despite what he described as "outlandish" demands by Hamas.

Hamas submitted a new set of demands on Thursday, including calls for a large number of Palestinian prisoners to be released and an eventual agreement on a permanent ceasefire.

Both Israel and Hamas have at turns accused one another of not negotiating in good faith, while US officials have spoken with more cautious optimism about the talks.