India's population may exceed 2.2 billion by mid-century — MSU

# 01 April 2024 17:18 (UTC +04:00)

India may face a demographic crisis sometime in the middle of this century when its population is expected to grow to 2.2 billion, Rector of Moscow State University (MSU) Viktor Sadovnichiy said, APA reports.

He noted that these conclusions were the result of university research using a number of mathematical models to forecast trends in the economy, demography, and healthcare.

"In India, there will be problems: in the 2030s-2040s we see a peak. This is our forecast. We as scientists are warning about this scenario," Sadovnichiy said, speaking at the International scientific conference "Mathematics in the constellation of sciences," dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the MSU Rector, celebrated on April 3.

Sadovnichiy pointed to a graph on which the projected population of India by the middle of the century is estimated to reach over 2.2 billion people. India and China "have come closest to the limits of environmental capacity," as noted on the slide.

"Thanks to the introduction of strict birth control, in China, the demographic trajectory will smoothly transition [from around 1.6 billion people in 2050] to a stationary level of 1.2 billion people [by 2100]. But India may face a massive eco-demographic crisis," according to the MSU Rector's presentation.

According to real-time data on the World Population Review statistical organization portal, India's population is 1,438,498,364 people, while China's is 1,425,334,609 people.

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