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Turkey condemns Israeli attack on Gaza, demands halt

[ 15 November 2012 06:28 ]

Baku-APA. Turkey’s Foreign Ministry condemned a series of Israeli strikes that killed a top Hamas military commander and many civilians in the Gaza Strip, and called on Israel to end its attacks, APA reports quotimg Today's Zaman.

The Gaza offensive that Israel launched on Wednesday is the latest example of this country’s aggressive politics, a statement from the Foreign Ministry said.

"We strongly condemn this Israeli attack and immediately demand that it be stopped," the statement said, adding that no country, Israel included, is above international law.

The statement said that it is of vital importance that the international community strongly reacts to the Israeli strike on Gaza City.

Turkey called on the international community and the United Nations to take the necessary steps to stop Israel's continued attacks on Gaza.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said Turkey will “continue to stand in solidarity with the victimized people of Gaza.”