Azerbaijan determines categories of persons to be accredited for 4th Islamic Solidarity Games

The categories have been determined of persons who will be accredited in connection with the upcoming 4th Islamic Solidarity Games.  


This is according to the Cabinet of Minister’s decision on measures for accreditation of people in connection with the organizing and holding of the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, APA reported.


Persons of the following categories will be accredited:


- Athletes, the administrative staffs of the national Olympic committees of participating states and other persons invited by these organizations;


- Representatives of international sports federations and other persons invited by these organizations, especially heads of federations and organizations, their general secretaries, sponsors, technical workers, judges, jury members, referees, technical staff and other invited persons;


- Representatives of the press, television, and other broadcasting agencies;


- Persons with working relations with the Organizing Committee for the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games (hereinafter – OCISG), volunteers, employees serving the OCISG, individuals and legal entities with civil-legal relations with the OCISG, employees serving the OCISG of host venues, employees of state bodies involved in the organizing and holding of the Islamic Solidarity Games;


- Members and employees of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation, persons invited by the Federation and other guests of the organization;


- President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, OCISG Chairperson, persons invited by them, Head of the Baku City Executive Power;


- Other organizations and individuals involved in organization of the fourth Islamic Solidarity Games, particularly observers of the organizing committees of the similar games expected to be held in future, sports ministers, state and government heads of foreign countries - persons accompanying them, security guards, heads of diplomatic missions and medical staff of the participating sports teams;


- Legal entities and individuals who concluded the cooperation agreements with OCISG on providing support to the holding and organization of the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, and the persons invited by them;


- Other persons invited by OCISG to organize and hold the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games;


The 4th Islamic Solidarity Games will be held on May 12-22 in Baku. About 6,000 athletes from 57 countries will compete during the Games.




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