Norwegian travelers visited Azerbaijan's liberated Aghdam City-PHOTO-UPDATED

Norwegian travelers visited Azerbaijan
# 02 May 2024 18:33 (UTC +04:00)

The 30-member team of international travelers from Norway's Vagaclub has completed their visit to Aghdam, APA's Garabagh bureau reports.

The travelers visited the residential buildings, public facilities, and religious and cultural monuments that were destroyed by Armenia during the occupation period in Aghdam. It was reported that Aghdam, which was one of the most beautiful cities of Azerbaijan before the occupation of Armenia, now lies in ruins, plundered and turned into desolate wastelands. The travelers visited the Aghdam Mosque, the Bread Museum, and the site where the remnants of the Drama Theater are located.

Then the travelers visited Aghdam's Alley of Martyrs.

They were informed that the martyrs of the First Garabagh War, including some of the city residents who were killed in the Khojaly genocide, were buried here. The Armenian vandals, who destroyed everything in Aghdam, also desecrated the graves in the Alley of Martyrs by digging them up.

With this, the travelers' visit to Aghdam ended.

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The 30-member team of international travelers from Norway's Vagaclub traveled to Aghdam City within the framework of the visit to Garabagh and East Zangazur, APA's Garabagh bureau reports.

Foreign travelers were informed of the atrocities committed by the Armenian armed forces in Aghdam, as well as the construction works carried out by the Azerbaijani state after the liberation of the city from occupation. The delegation first visited the Aghdam Juma mosque.

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