Lachin prepares for a Great Return -REPORTAGE

Lachin prepares for a Great Return -REPORTAGE
# 03 April 2023 12:45 (UTC +04:00)

"We will turn Lachin into paradise again!"

He sounds the "heaven" with such enthusiasm as if he is talking about real heaven.

His name is Aziz Ismayilov. He is engaged in landscaping. He came to Lachin from Goychay to work. It has been here for a long time. He says large-scale construction works are underway in Lachin, greening works are being carried out, and trees are being planted: "Lachin is preparing for a great return."

Yes, we are in Lachin. This is my second visit downtown. I came for the first time in August last year, right after the Armenians left the city of Lachin. Then I witnessed how the city of Lachin became a ruin, how the Armenians who had been living here for years did not do any work in the city - construction and improvement works. At that time there was nothing in the town except a few buildings that had not been destroyed and a couple of shops. Fatigue and pints rained down on the face of the city. Armenians could not clean the traces of the first Karabakh war in 30 years.

Fariz also came to Lachin for the second time, like me.

Unlike me, Fariz was born in Lachin but was displaced from his native village during the occupation... During our first visit, Fariz's eyes filled with tears when he saw the ruined Lachin. He looked for his childhood and the warm memories that he had left behind in the streets and alleys of Lachin. With heartache, he said that there is no trace of the beauty of his hometown, where he came from as a child.


We left Baku at midnight for Lachin. By the time the weather cleared, we had already reached the post that indicated the beginning of the liberated territories. After passing the post and walking a long way, we see the Hekari river. This place is already Gubadli. And from here right to Lachin, the Hekari river will accompany us. Although the weather is cold and rainy, we feel the arrival of spring from the fresh mountain air and the freshly green earth.

When I pass Gulabird, I look at Fariz sitting behind, he is tense. Uncle Ilham, our driver, is also not a little excited, no matter how much he tries to behave discreetly. But how?! He spent his youth here and knows these areas well. Now uncle Ilham drives our car not only to Lachin, but also to his youth.

Let's go over the next hill. There is nothing left. The city of Lachin can be seen in the distance. But it is felt that this is not the Lachin we saw last trip. It is a completely different city, a city that has been shaken and thrown off the pint dust. The person who is preparing to welcome the guest has a look of excitement on his face.

I look at Fariz again in the mirror, his eyes are not sad like before, but he is laughing. He sees Lachin, which is starting to improve.

Fariz is the first to react to Lachin's change. He says I will soon return to beautiful Lachin.

When you arrive in Lachin, you can feel that great infrastructure projects are being implemented in the city. The companies implementing the projects are working day and night. A real construction site has been set up here. Everyone works with all their strength in the area they are responsible for and fulfills their obligations. That's why the noise of construction and the roar of heavy machinery enveloped the city.

Before the occupation, there were 2020 private houses and 28 communal houses in the city of Lachin. During the occupation, more than 1,500 of these houses were destroyed. In September of last year, the construction of new houses was started in accordance with the Master Plan of the city, and a large part of the work is already nearing completion.

At present, the construction of underground communication junctions and main lines in the territory of Lachin city has been completed. Removable houses in the city center are being repaired and roofs are being renewed. At the same time, interior and exterior works are being done in parallel.

The construction of 9 reservoirs, 3 rainwater collection reservoirs, and 1 purification plant to supply the city of Lachin with drinking water are underway by the relevant institutions.

8 residential buildings reconstructed in the city will consist of 2 and 4 floors. The utility infrastructure of houses and buildings is already ready.

There will be more than 30 public buildings in the city, and I will say that the construction of most of them has already been completed. Usable buildings are being repaired.

The roads in the territory of Lachin city are widened to 6, 8, and 12 meters. Retaining walls are built on the roadside to prevent landslides.

There was no mosque in the city until now. For this very reason, the construction of a mosque complex with the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation is planned for the worship of city residents in the near future.

Apart from these, the residents who will return to Lachin have not forgotten to provide employment and spend their leisure time. For this, sports and health complexes, kindergartens and other administrative buildings are being built in the city. Of course, each of the newly built administrative buildings will meet modern standards.

During the occupation, not only the residents, buildings, and infrastructure of Lachin, but also the trees that once surrounded the city like a ring, and the forests spread along the hard rocks were terrorized. Now, works are being done in the direction of the restoration of green areas, planting of trees, and construction of parks.

Ali, who is involved in greening, says that they plant various tree seedlings.

My interviewee notes that the soil of Lachin is very fertile: "It is very important that the soil is ready for planting, and soil of Lachin is fertile. Currently, various types of evergreen and fruit trees are planted in the city. As employees of the greening and improvement service, we also work day and night, rain or shine."

The buildings under construction, the hard workers working, the machinery working without interruption, every work done is calculated to bring about the Great Return as soon as possible. Lachin is waiting for his relatives. Those who work here have one goal: to return Lachin to its previous peaceful days, in a more beautiful, more modern way.

Lachin will be developed more and more from now.