Azerbaijani NGOs, residents of Garabagh and East Zangazur adress open letter to Norwegian Nobel Committee regarding Ruben Vardanyan

Azerbaijani NGOs, residents of Garabagh and East Zangazur adress open letter to Norwegian Nobel Committee regarding Ruben Vardanyan
# 18 April 2024 14:06 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan's non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and residents of Garabagh and East Zangazur have sent an open letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

APA presents the letter:

“Dear leadership and members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee,

We, representatives of Azerbaijani NGOs and residents of Garabagh and East Zangazur, are deeply concerned by media reports about the nomination of Ruben Vardanyan as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize and want to bring to your attention the resolute position of the Azerbaijani public on this issue.

Ruben Vardanyan's life and activities have been an insult to the ideals and values guiding the Nobel Peace Prize, and even the mere mention of these names together can tarnish the authority of this highest award and mislead the international community.

Ruben Vardanyan is facing serious accusations as a criminal element who amassed wealth through money laundering and financing terrorism. For some time, he was one of the leading figures of the separatist regime - a military junta established in the territories of Azerbaijan occupied by Armenia - which later dissolved itself.

During that time, his arrival in Garabagh with the intention of creating obstacles to peace, as well as his provocative statements, made the situation increasingly tense, as he attempted to disrupt the normalization process between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Disregarding international legal norms, Vardanyan threatened the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan, advocated for the preservation of a “gray zone” in the territory of Azerbaijan, prevented the return of Azerbaijani IDPs to Khankandi, Khojaly, and other residential areas.

For people like Ruben Vardanyan, nothing is more sacred than dirty money. It is not ruled out that one of the main motives that brought him to Garabagh at that time was to illegally exploit Azerbaijan’s gold and copper-molybdenum deposits in these areas by remobilizing the leftovers of the Armenian army in Garabagh .

Ruben Vardanyan was detained by the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Azerbaijan in September 2023 while attempting to escape from Garabagh . He is charged under articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan for financing terrorism, participating in the creation and operation of armed groups not provided for by legislation, and illegally crossing the state border of the Republic of Azerbaijan. At present, investigative and operational measures are still underway.

There are serious allegations regarding Ruben Vardanyan's shady financial activities in many countries. In 2019, the OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project) published an investigative report on Vardanyan’s illegal activities called “Troika Laundromat”. This report exposed a complex network of illegal activities involving Ruben Vardanyan. In March 2019, members of the European Parliament wrote a letter to the President of the European Commission, stating the need to impose sanctions against the former owner of Troika Dialog, Ruben Vardanyan, and other persons associated with the “offshore system” of Troika Dialog. The letter was signed by 22 European MPs representing United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and other countries.

Ruben Vandanyan, an international financial fraudster who built a business empire with dirty money, has the blood of innocent people on his hands. He was involved in financing terrorism wherever he wanted to make a profit by illegal means.

The Nobel Peace Prize embodies the spirit of peace, reconciliation and international cooperation that Alfred Nobel wanted to promote. We urge the Norwegian Nobel Committee to take into account the clear and decisive position of the Azerbaijani public regarding Ruben Vardanyan, a person accused of numerous crimes.


1. Fatma Sattarova - Chairperson of Organization of War, Labor, and Armed Forces Veterans of the Republic of Azerbaijan

2. Ramil Iskandarli - Head of the Legal Analysis and Research Public Union

3. Azer Allahveranov, Chairman of the Eurasian Platform for Migration Initiatives Public Union

4. Zaur Ibrahimov - Chairman of the “Priority” Socio-Economic Research Center Public Union

5. Gunel Safarova - Chairperson of the “Citizen” Research and Development Public Union

6. Alimammad Nuriyev – President of Constitution Research Foundation;

7. Novella Jafarova - Head of the Association for the Protection of Women's Rights named after Dilara Aliyeva

8. Saida Gojamanli – Chairperson of Human Rights and Rule of Law Public Union

9. Saadat Bananyarli – Chair of the Board of the Azerbaijan National Section of International Society for Human Rights Public Union

10. Umud Mirzayev - Head of the International Eurasia Press Fund

11. Rauf Zeyni - Head of the National NGO Forum of Azerbaijan

12. Khatira Valiyeva - Chairperson of the “Khankandi” Support to IDP’s Public Union

13. Vugar Gadirov - Head of the “For Return and Revival Youth Organization” Public Union

14. Leyla Huseynova - “Social Welfare” Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons Public Union

15. Konul Behbudova - Head of the Families of Missing Persons in Garabagh Public Union

16. Sevinj Alizade - Chairperson of "Zafar" Support for Martyrs' Families Public Union

17. Rey Karimoglu - Chairman of the Association of Mine Victims in Azerbaijan

18. Mehriban Mammadova - Chairperson of the Humanitarian Studies Public Union

19. Khalid Kazimov – Chairman of Regional Human Rights and Media Center Public Union

20. Tunzala Abdulalimova – Chairperson of Public Union for Supporting Martyrs' Families "In the Name of the Motherland"

21. Jeyran Hasanova – Chairperson of "Support for Mothers of Martyrs" Public Union

22. Telman Gasimov - Chairman of "Scientific Researches" Public Union

23. Bahruz Mammadzade - Chairman of Veterans, Families of Martyrs and Veterans of Special Forces Public Union

24. Mehdi Mehdiyev - Chairman of the "Garabagh war disabled, veterans and families of martyrs" Public Union

25. Fuzuli Rzaguliyev – Chairman of Public Union of the Azerbaijani Veterans of the Patriotic War Fuzuli Rzaquliyev

26. Jeyran Azizova – Chairperson of the Public Union for the Recognition of the Khojaly Genocide

27. Naiba Behbudova – Chairperson of the Charitable Public Union of Martyrs' Families “Gurur”

28. Hafiz Safikhanov - Head of the “Azerbaijan Campaign Against Landmines” Public Union

29. Ogtay Sadigov - Head of the Refugee and Deported Support Public Union

30. Roza Aligizi – Head of the “Soldier's Family Society” Public Union for the Propagation of Patriotism

31. Fariz Khalili - Chairman of the MIRAS Public Union for the Study of Cultural Heritage

32. Agil Jamal - Chairman of the “Common Values” Public Union

33. Shahin Jamalov – President of Human Rights in the XXI Century - Azerbaijan"

34. Ahmad Abbasbayli - Chairman of the “Center for Development of Society” Public Union

35. Mayis Aliyev - Chairman of the “Social Rights Research” Public Union

36. Ayshan Huseynova – Representative of the "Revealing the Realities of the Genocide" Public Union

37. Shahla Naghiyeva - Head of the “Unquenchable Flame” Cultural Relations Public Union

38. Davud Rahimli - President of the Union of Disabled Persons Organizations

39. Irada Rizazada - Head of the “Social Welfare for the Citizens” Public Union

40. Adila Gambarova - resident of Khankandi

41. Arif Taghiyev - resident of Khankandi

42. Habil Ismayilov - resident of Khankandi

43. Suleyman Yusibov - resident of Lachin

44. Elkhan Tahmazov - resident of Lachin

45. Saleh Gasimov - resident of Aghdara

46. Bilal Akhundov - resident of Aghdara

47. Mahaddin Guliyev - resident of Aghdara

48. Ramin Nadirov - resident of Kalbajar

49. Adalat Bakhtiyarov - resident of Kalbajar

50. Zumrud Guliyeva - resident of Aghdam

51. Nadya Allahyarova - resident of Aghdam

52. Gulnara Ahmadova - resident of Fuzuli

53. Samad Aliyev - resident of Fuzuli

54. Gulali Mammadov - resident of Zangilan

55. Alovsat Tanriverdiyev - resident of Jabrayil

56. Murad Ibishov - resident of Jabrayil

57. Etiraf Gasimov - resident of Zangilan

58. Islam Bayramov - resident of Khojavand

59. Faig Fataliyev - resident of Khankandi

60. Malahat Huseynova - resident of Khojaly

61. Agila Alizade - resident of Shusha

62. Iman Allahverdiyev - resident of Khojaly

63. Arif Aliyev - resident of Khankandi

64. Zamin Hasanov - resident of Khankandi

65. Famil Shukurov – resident of Shusha

66. Yelmar Alasgarov - resident of Shusha

67. Yasin Maharramov - resident of Khankandi

68. Gulnaz Salahova - resident of Khankandi

69. Seymur Nabiyev - resident of Khankandi

70. Tajima Guliyeva - resident of Khankandi

71. Khayyam Allahverdiyev - resident of Khankandi

72. Etibar Abishov - resident of Khojavand

73. Azad Aliyev - resident of Shusha

74. Murad Allahverdiyev - resident of Khojaly

75. Vidadi Aliyev - resident of Khojaly

76. Nizami Balayev - resident of Shusha

77. Alovsat Valiyev - resident of Shusha

78. Fakhraddin Ismayilov - resident of Shusha

79. Shukur Guliyev - resident of Khojavand

80. Roman Guliyev - resident of Khankandi

81. Tubu Ibrahimova - resident of Khankandi

82. Arif Huseynov - resident of Khojavand

83. Muradkhan Guliyev - resident of Khojavand

84. Elchin Dadashov - resident of Khankandi

85. Abulfat Mammadov - resident of Khankandi

86. Guzal Abbasova - resident of Khojaly

87. Minara Bayramova - resident of Khojaly

88. Shukur Ibrahimov - resident of Khojavand

89. Vagif Hasanov - resident of Khojaly

90. Eyanat Mammadov - resident of Khojavand

91. Arif Dostiyev - resident of Shusha

92. Malak Abbasova - resident of Khojaly

93. Elmira Karimova - resident of Khojaly

94. Nazile Maharramova – resident of Shusha

95. Famil Karimov - resident of Shusha

96. Anar Asadov - resident of Khojaly

97. Ravan Hasanov - resident of Khojaly

98. Rahila Rahimova - resident of Shusha

99. Ramil Babayev - resident of Khojavand

100. Bakhtiyar Mammadov - resident of Khojavand

101. Rafig Humbatov - resident of Shusha

102. Rafail Mammadov - resident of Shusha

103. Anar Abdulov - resident of Khojaly

104. Nabi Azimov – resident of Shusha

105. Nargila Isgandarova - resident of Khojavand

106. Zamin Nadirov – resident of Shusha

107. Sahiba Shahmuradova – resident of Khojaly

108. Ramil Gasimov – resident of Shusha

109. Shahnaz Behbudova – resident of Khojaly

110. Seymur Bakhtiyarov - resident of Khankandi

111. Vahid Alakbarov – resident of Shusha

112. Gulnaz Orujova – resident of Khojaly

113. Bakir Mammadov - resident of Khojaly

114. Tahir Jafarov - resident of Khojavand

115. Fatma Huseynova - resident of Khojavand

116. Gamar Mammadova – resident of Shusha

117. Mahir Safarov - resident of Khojaly

118. Malahat Mammadova – resident of Khojaly

119. Rena Azimova – resident of Khojaly

120. Ramiz Hasanov - resident of Shusha

121. Gambar Maharramov - resident of Khankandi

122. Ilham Karimov - resident of Shusha

123. Fakhreddin Asadov - resident of Khojavand

124. Jalal Jamalov - resident of Khojavand

125. Gabil Akbarov - resident of Khojaly

126. Zenfira Alimamadova – resident of Khojaly

127. Surkhay Guliyev - resident of Khojaly

128. Elman Khalilov - resident of Shusha

129. Siraj Malasov - resident of Kalbajar

130. Jeyhun Bakhishov - resident of Kalbajar

131. Hijran Amrahova - resident of Kalbajar

132. Fagan Valiyev – resident of Shusha

133. Yahya Niyazov - resident of Shusha

134. Ganimat Bayramov - resident of Khojaly

135. Elnur Beylarov - resident of Shusha

136. Mohubbat Hasanov - resident of Shusha

137. Elbeniz Huseynov - resident of Khojavand

138. Vasif Aliyev - resident of Khojavand

139. Rovshan Gasimov - resident of Khojavand

140. Hasan Ahmadov - resident of Khojaly

141. Svetlana Javadova – resident of Khojaly

142. Fidan Aliyeva - resident of Khojaly

143. Nushaba Guliyeva – resident of Shusha

144. Alesiya Bahmanova – resident of Shusha

145. Sara Hasanova - resident of Khojavand

146. Sayyara Najafova - resident of Khojavand

147. Fuad Salahov - resident of Shusha

148. Taleh Jabbarov - resident of Khankandi

149. Bulus Guliyev - resident of Khankandi

150. Vagif Hasanov - resident of Shusha

151. Emin Zeynalov – resident of Shusha

152. Ilgar Amirov - resident of Khankandi

153. Ismail Jabrayilov – resident of Shusha

154. Afgan Rzayev - resident of Khankandi

155. Mohubbat Safarov - a resident of Khankandi

156. Avaz Mehraliyev – resident of Shusha

157. Galib Mirzaliyev – resident of Shusha

158. Nabi Gasimov - resident of Khojavand

159. Rasim Huseynov - resident of Khojavand

160. Fazil Guliyev - resident of Khojaly

161. Adalat Gasimov - resident of Shusha

162. Mahammad Zeynalov – resident of Khojaly

163. Ahliman Guliyev - resident of Khojaly

164. Ramiz Suleymanov – resident of Shusha

165. Mansur Najafov - resident of Khojaly

166. Fikrat Abasov - resident of Khojavand

167. Vahid Abasov – resident of Khojaly

168. Jamil Rahimova - resident of Khojaly

169. Valeh Allahverdiyev - resident of Shusha

170. Aslan Amirov - resident of Shusha

171. Zahir Usubov - resident of Khojaly

172. Mahire Ismayilova – resident of Khojaly

173. Sakhavat Abasov - resident of Shusha

174. Mehman Hashimov – resident of Khojaly

175. Geray Hashimov – resident of Khojaly

176. Khatira Jafarova - resident of Khojavand

177. Vasif Hashimov - resident of Shusha

178. Vugar Karimov - resident of Shusha

179. Rza Mammadov - resident of Khojavand

180. Sabuhi Mammadov - resident of Shusha

181. Reyhan Guliyeva - resident of Shusha

182. Novruz Rasulov - resident of Khankandi

183. Muzaffar Gurbanov - resident of Khankandi

184. Sevil Shukurova - resident of Khankandi

185. Elkhan Agayev - resident of Shusha

186. Vagif Agayev – resident of Khojaly

187. Vagif Mammadov – resident of Khojaly

188. Zulfu Guliyev - resident of Khojaly

189. Mazahir Aghayev – resident of Khojaly

190. Nadir Mammadov – resident of Khojaly

191. Fazil Guliyev - resident of Khojaly

192. Mahammad Zeynalov – resident of Khojaly

193. Vagif Mammadov – resident of Khojaly

194. Alamshah Huseynov - resident of Shusha

195. Mammad Suleymanov – resident of Shusha

196. Khanimzer Sadygova – resident of Shusha

197. Nazim Mirzayev - resident of Khankandi

198. Inshallah Mahmudov - resident of Khankandi

199. Letafet Guliyeva - resident of Shusha

200. Tacir Ismayilov - resident of Khojaly

201. Adil Azizov - resident of Shusha

202. Mustafa Safarov - resident of Lachin

203. Ulfat Ilyasov - resident of Lachin

204. Rauf Ahmadov - resident of Lachin

205. Mahir Samadov - resident of Aghdara

206. Tabib Azizov - resident of Aghdara.”