WHO: If people don't obey rules, infection may start to increase after 7-10 days

WHO: If people don
# 01 May 2020 14:37 (UTC +04:00)

“Measures have been done regarding public health aim at the protection of people. The Azerbaijani government is one of the countries, which have taken the quickest measures in order to prevent coronavirus”, said Hande Harmanci, head of the WHO representation in Azerbaijan at the online press conference of the Country Office of the World Health Organization (WHO), APA reports.

She said that on March 31 special quarantine regime was declared. From April 10 the number of people infected with the virus started to decrease: “Some relaxation measures have been taken in order to return to social life. We will see later if this decision was made quickly or not. If people return quickly return to previous life, saying that pandemic has over, then the number will increase. If people do not follow the rules then the infection may start to increase after 7-10 days. If it happen, the government can made again a decision regarding quarantine. The important thing that the population should do is to keep physical distance, washing often their hands.”