Azerbaijan builds a trade complex unique in the regions

Azerbaijan builds a trade complex unique in the regions
# 18 September 2007 16:16 (UTC +04:00)
By a presidential decree, trade centers located near Heydar Aliyev Airport will be removed in order to ensure environmental protection in the area.
Baku Mayor’s Office has allotted a plot of land in the suburban area for removal of trade and catering facilities. Sadarak Trade Center will also be removed.
Hotels, offices, bus stops, two-storied trade center, agricultural goods fair, wholesale stores, auto salon and other infrastructure will be constructed in the suburban area.
Also, ecological zone (picnic), a number of many-block residential buildings, 60 one-block residential buildings, schools, clinics, Town-House, health and entertainment centers, dolphinariums, automobile cinema, multi-storied hotel, camping-sites, open and covered auto salons etc.
Yeni Sadarak Trade Center will occupy 100 hectares. Health and entertainment center will be constructed in 160 hectares.
An Auto Show will be built in 75 hectares which includes car sales, services, show centers and a motor-cycle racing track.
There will be more than 12,000 retail and wholesale trade kiosks in the complex. There will be 120 cottages and a great number of camping sites in the area.
It is slated to commission Yeni Sadarak Trade Center by the presidential elections in 2008.
250 people are being employed in construction activities and a further 700 workers will be involved in a few days.
The polluted lake in Lokbatan will be purified. The magnificent building in the area will be 180 meters high 24-storied Goncha Business Center. There will be a revolving restaurant at the highest floor.
It is estimated that the complex will employ more than 60,000 people in total. /APA-Economics/