Azerbaijan resumes exporting electricity to Georgia

Azerbaijan resumes exporting electricity to Georgia
# 03 September 2007 13:58 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan will continue to export electricity to Georgia over September, Malkhaz Broladze, chief of Georgian Electricity System Commercial Operator, told APA Bureau.
He didn’t refer to the exact date, saying Azerbaijan is currently exports electricity in small amount.
Georgia exported electricity to Azerbaijan in summer and Azerbaijan owes 30 million kilowatts-h of electricity to Georgia.
Azerbaijan exports electricity to Georgia in winter and Georgia returns the same amount of electricity in summer because the former generates majority of electricity in thermal power plants and the latter in hydropower plants.
From August 10 to August 31, capital repair of Gardabani-500 substation and Gardabani power supply lines was carried out.
The Gardabani power transmission line connects power grids of Azerbaijan and Georgia.
Georgia stopped exporting electricity to Russia since September 1. /APA-Economics/
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