U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce have dinner with USACC representatives

U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce have dinner with USACC representatives
# 04 June 2007 12:32 (UTC +04:00)
He said the USACC has played a vital role as a bridge between Azerbaijan and the world for more than a decade.
“You have also promoted the creation of an economic environment that allows businesses to thrive. This is good for the US. This is good for business. And most of all, it is good for the people of Azerbaijan,” he noted.
He added that the United States has been an early and consistent supporter of Azerbaijan’s growth and independence, and Azerbaijan has become a strong ally and a strategic partner of the US.
“As President Bush and President Aliyev said in Washington last year, we are allies in the war on terror, we both seek global energy security, and we desire economic and political reforms that promote freedom and democracy. We are committed to these goals and to expanding commercial ties between our two countries,” he said.
He also stressed that Azerbaijan has already achieved tremendous economic growth and seen foreign investment skyrocket, developing a solid transportation and technology infrastructure is critical to unlocking the region’s long-term economic strength.
He added that sustained growth and prosperity will require reducing corruption.
“Corruption is a cancer that will infect and destroy even the most promising economy with the most talented and dynamic people. According to the competitiveness report of the World Economic Forum, corruption is the most problematic factor or doing business in Azerbaijan today. Although the government recognizes that corruption is a major challenge, a systematic and sustained program is urgently needed to address it,” he concluded. /APA-Economics/