Baku real estate market activeness falls to three-year lows in April

Baku real estate market activeness falls to three-year lows in April
# 08 May 2007 15:40 (UTC +04:00)
Azeri Real Estate Index rose 1.5% or 4.5 points to settle at 279.60 in April and the rise was mostly encouraged by nonresidential premises market.
The Public Union of the Real Estate Market Participants told the APA-Economics that average price increase on the secondhand housing market was 0.7% in April, almost similar to the same period last year. The prices fell to a three-year trough and the average price in secondhand residential real estate market was $1,181/sq.m in Baku.
The rise in supply of homes below average price was 1.8% while the apartments above average price held steady and even descending prices.
In the market supply the percentage of newly built buildings rose to 35.8% while “Leningrad” apartments fell to 12.7%.
The average price of country houses was $214,324, up 0.4% from the previous month.
The relative rise in housing market is attributed to the increase in price of building materials.
The supply portfolio went down on the firsthand housing market in this month after sales were limited in some newly constructed buildings.
The price index rise for this month was 3.1% and the average price settled at $994/sq. m in Baku.
Land market gained 1.3% and the average price of land per hundred square meters was $19,935.
The price went up 0.1% on the rental house market. Commercial premises market rose 1.8% to $25,000 per sq m and commercial rental market climbed 0.9% to $21,000/sq.m. /APA-Economics/
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