Azerbaijan explores wind power potential in the country

Azerbaijan explores wind power potential in the country
# 13 April 2007 10:11 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan’s Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry has studied the potential of wind power throughout the country and found the shoreline of the Caspian to be the windiest zone. The average wind speed near the seashore beats 6 mps while it falls even to 1 mps in regions.
The assessment proved that the country has great potential for wind power generation and the priorities are Absheron peninsula (1,500 MW), the Caspian Sea and down the Kur River (500 MW) and Nakhchivan AR (70 MW).
It is more useful to install wind power generators the islands of Pirallahi, Sengi-Mugan, Oil Rocks, Khara-Zira, Chilov and other places in the Caspian Sea because of favorable windy days.
Besides, the annual average windspeed range between 5 mps and 7 mps in Gobustan, Garadagh, Absheron District and Sumgait which located near the Caspian.
Also, there is great potential for small wind water pumps (windmills) in Ganja-Dashkesen zone, Sherur-Julfa (Nakhchivan), Jeyranchol, Hajinohur, Shamakhi, Salyan, Altiaghaj, Ordubad to deliver water to the arable arid areas.
But, it is not economically efficient to use wind energy in the regions where the wind speed is below 3 mps.
The price of wind generators under 1 kilowatt is around €700 and 1KW generator costs €1,000. Within the scope of the Caspian Program by the Canadian International Development Agency, two wind generators (2KW each) were installed in the Caspian for test.
Azerbaijan is negotiating with several countries and companies on establishment of wind energy development. /APA-Economics/