Washington is not inclined to stability in the Caucasus: The U.S. dealt another blow to the Azerbaijan-Armenia settlement-ANALYTICS

Washington is not inclined to stability in the Caucasus: The U.S. dealt another blow to the Azerbaijan-Armenia settlement-ANALYTICS
# 16 November 2023 17:08 (UTC +04:00)

On November 15, the hearing on "The future of Nagorno-Garabagh" in the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs was another manifestation of the unjust position of the United States in relation to Azerbaijan.

The absurdity of these hearings was clear from the very name. Discussing the issue related to the territory of a country in the hearing called "The future of Nagorno-Garabagh" is the biggest disrespect for the sovereignty of countries and international law, which Washington saw as its own.

The position of the West towards Azerbaijan can be considered expected. Because they cannot come to terms with the fact that official Baku conducts an independent policy and does not follow someone's dictates.

The USA, and the West, especially France, cannot accept a strong, sovereign, independent state of Azerbaijan, they do not want to digest it. They need countries like docile Armenia.

There is no doubt that the Armenian lobby in the United States supported the holding of the hearings. On the eve of the hearings, the statements of the pro-Armenian congressman Adam Shiffin, and Bob Menendez, who could not give up his Armenian girlfriend and love even though he was drowned in corruption accusations, showed where the wind was blowing from. The fact that Thomas Keen, the chairman of the Congress subcommittee on European issues, who is the organizer of the event, met with Lilit Makuns, the ambassador of Armenia to the United States, made matters even clearer.

There were hearings, as expected, unfair statements and biased statements were made against Azerbaijan. These were known. There are other points we want to convey.

Azerbaijan has no obligation to the US or its Congress. Baku is not a capital that will unconditionally fulfill the statements coming from Washington, as some do. No country, including the United States, can speak to Azerbaijan in the language of oppression. Washington should understand a nuance that the position it has taken since the first day of Azerbaijan's independence until now is not accepted by the people of Azerbaijan in general. The Azerbaijani people know that the United States has always been unfair to them and that they support the unjust, invading Armenia, and they do not forget this. Azerbaijan wants friendship with every country, and it always shows this in its actions. However, hypocritical, hypocritical countries, including the United States, have always taken the opposite position.

It is not worth talking about the Congress, which has become a prisoner of the Armenian lobby. The US itself is facing serious problems. National debt is increasing day by day, and racial discrimination, police violence, crime, murders, and other problems are happening. Instead of dealing with numerous internal problems, Congress is engaged in pointless hearings influenced by the Armenian lobby.

Apart from that, Washington definitely comes out of the political upheavals, riots, wars, coups d'états, and civil wars happening in different regions of the world today. The United States has already become the main actor in conflicts and tensions all over the world. Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, the Middle East - all of them are the creation of the United States.

The United States, which occupied Afghanistan for 20 years with false arguments, did not build a single facility or road in this country, on the contrary, it turned the entire country into a drug plantation during these years. According to the latest information, after the US left Afghanistan, the volume of drug plantations in this country decreased more than 20 times.

Washington is also the scriptwriter of what is happening in Gaza today. It is America that ignited the Russia-Ukraine conflict and did not let this flame go out. Today, Ukraine is facing the threat of destruction as a state. The blood of millions of people is written on the conscience of Washington. After the Ukrainian war, Europe was deprived of Russia's energy resources. Instead, the US has captured this huge market.

In Latin America, a strong negative attitude towards the United States has been formed due to the crimes it has committed on the African continent.

The United States is the biggest cause of the political cataclysms that have occurred in the post-Soviet space and the South Caucasus and are still ongoing.

As the USA has done in different countries of the world, it has set itself the goal of implementing a scenario of color revolutions in the countries of the South Caucasus. However, Washington's attempt to realize the scenario of color revolutions that began in the early 2000s in Azerbaijan also failed.

The most important thing was the position of the United States towards the resolution of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Garabagh conflict, which has already entered history. As one of the co-chairs of the former OSCE Minsk Group, the United States is also responsible for the occupation of our territories, ethnic cleansing, destruction of our national and cultural heritage, and looting of our wealth. In 30 years, the USA did not condemn the occupying Armenia even once, and did not take steps towards the implementation of the known 4 resolutions of the UN Security Council. But in 1992, he adopted the "907th amendment" against Azerbaijan. Could there be any greater nonsense than passing the “907th amendment” which prohibits direct aid against an occupied country?

This hypocrisy of Washington will remain forever in history and in the memory of the Azerbaijani people.

During the occupation of Garabagh, the USA allocated financial aid to the toy separatist regime here every year from its budget. It is a fact that Washington allocates 10 million dollars a year to the separatists in Garabagh under the name of demining, creates conditions for the separatists to conduct aid campaigns and collect money in the United States, and enables the regime's representative office to operate in this country. These facts alone can be considered an indicator of the USA's attitude towards Azerbaijan, international law, territorial integrity and sovereignty of countries.

The people of Azerbaijan have seen this evil and hypocrisy from the United States for many years.

On November 15, those who spoke at the hearings in Congress, including James O'Brien, the assistant of the US secretary of state for European and Central Asian affairs, stated that the US would not help Azerbaijan. It's not about help. They themselves know very well that Azerbaijan does not need the help of any country, including the United States. We are talking about Washington's unfair and unjust position, preventing the establishment of peace and tranquility in the South Caucasus, its intention to dictate to all countries, and the steps taken against those who do not accept this dictate.

With yesterday's hearings and James O'Brien's baseless accusations against Azerbaijan, the United States dealt another blow to the settlement process between Azerbaijan and Armenia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan issued a statement today stating that Baku has rightly refused the meeting with Armenia at the level of foreign ministers in Washington on November 20.

"The unilateral approach of the United States may lead to the loss of the role of the United States as a mediator. Under these conditions, it is important to note that we do not consider it possible to hold the meeting proposed to be held at the level of the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia on November 20, 2023 in Washington," the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan emphasizes.

Washington believes that it can speak to any country in any language. But he is wrong. As stated in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, "The norms and principles of international law have always been a priority in Azerbaijan's foreign policy. Azerbaijan will always act in accordance with its international obligations. At the same time, Azerbaijan will resolutely and adequately respond to all negative steps that are against its national interests."

Those who want to dictate to Azerbaijan will be shown their place from now on. For this, first of all, the networks of the USA and the West in Azerbaijan should be neutralized, and the activities of USAID and other similar organizations should be stopped. It is long past time to dismantle the agency networks created by the United States under various names. No concession should be made to any country that is not honest, fair, and sincere towards Azerbaijan.

As for the aid of the United States, it is advisable to give that aid to Armenia, which is in misery. Even so, Iravan enthusiastically dances to every song played by Washington. At least it doesn't dance for free.

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