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French President Emmanuel Macron

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# 24 May 2024 12:26 (UTC +04:00)

What’s happening in New Caledonia called France's status into question as a democratic state, a defender of human rights, an influential state that contributes to the global order.

The protests which were sparked by the French parliament granting the right to vote in local elections to French citizens who have lived in New Caledonia for more than 10 years, have been ongoing for 2 weeks now. But Official Paris responds with a wave of repression and violence against the legitimate protests of the indigenous Kanaks, who have become a minority in their homeland.

At least 6 people died and hundreds of people were injured in the biggest protests of the last 40 years. France's viceroy in the region - High Commissioner of the Republic in New Caledonia Louis Le Franc said that at least 250 supporters of independence were detained.

Apparently, France is doing all the neo-colonial empire things in the archipelago. It makes all decisions about the life and future of local residents in the metropolis, does not ask the opinion of the islanders about those laws. Any protests and independence demands of the local Kanaks are met with the use of an emergency regime, mass arrests, and deployment of police and gendarmerie forces to the archipelago.

Thus, France, which intervenes in the processes in different regions of the world and expresses its opinion under the flag of democracy, France itself applies brute force in the regions it illegally controls, strips off the right of local residents to determine their own destiny.

This hypocritical policy, the inconsistency between words and deeds is especially evident in its relation to Azerbaijan. Thus, specially, Paris exhibited a biased and non-objective attitude to Azerbaijan's restoration of border and customs control on the Lachin road, the elimination of the illegal regime in the region once and for all by conducting an anti-terrorist measures, and the restoration of its territorial integrity. At this time, the Armenian-origin residents living in Garabagh were used as means, speculations were made about their rights and freedoms and unfair remarks were made. Because Azerbaijan, unlike France, the so-called herald of human rights, presented an integration plan based on international law and justice to the Armenian-origin residents of Garabagh, both before and after the anti-terrorist measures.

However, France, turning a blind eye to reality, was trying to impose sanctions on official Baku in UN Securty Council, European Parliament and other international arenas and to nullify its victory because Azerbaijan restored its territorial integrity within the borders recognized by the international community.

What’s happening in New Caledonia once again reveals this hypocritical policy of France. A question arises: Why does official Paris, which often talks about the false self-determination rights of the Armenian-origin residents who were relocated to the region in Garabagh in the recent past, does not show the same sensitivity to the rightful independence demand of the local Kanaks in New Caledonia? Why does it impose repression on a people that it conquered in the middle of the 19th century, did not grant independence when the colonial system collapsed in the 20th century, is located 17 thousand kilometers away from its natural borders and has a civilization, race, language, culture and mentality completely alien to France?

France, which looks at reality with rose-colored glasses, is not satisfied with this as well, it tries to connect internal discontent in New Caledonia with external influences –Azerbaijan. The Minister of Interior of France Gérald Darmanin's accusations against official Baku without any facts or evidence shows the poor state of the Macron government and its fear of the Baku Initiative Group, which was created in Azerbaijan last year against colonialism.

It should be specially noted that the world community does not react seriously to France's accusations against Azerbaijan, thereby understanding the absurdity of those accusations. French President Emmanuel Macron, who visited New Caledonia these days, sends signals that official Paris will not make compromises to resolve the political and economic crisis in the region.

In meetings with representatives of various political forces, he was content to say that the French security forces will stay in the archipelago until the beginning of September, and that a certain amount will be allocated for the compensation of the damage caused to the region.

Macron, saying that “It is clear that today there is no common vision for the future between the different political and social components of New Caledonia” at the end of his 12-hour visit, showed that he has actually failed to solve this crisis.

However, it should also be noted that what happened in New Caledonia is not entirely without result. The movement that started in the archipelago has caused serious worry for Paris.

During his visit, Macron declared that the changes related to the electoral reform for the next 1 month have been postponed, forcing him to retreat slightly from France's neo-colonial policy, and this can be considered the next step for the success and future independence of New Caledonia and the Kanaks after a long fight.

Enen though France managed to temporarily stabilize the situation in New Caledonia with applying force over time, in the future, France will have to fully implement the root of the problem - the legitimate demands of the Kanak people.

However, the political hypocrisy and trampling of the state principles of Macron’s France do not end with what happened in New Caledonia, as well as with the injustice towards Azerbaijan.

Another obvious example of this hypocrisy is related to the “foreign agents” bill. The France, which criticizes the adoption of similar laws in Azerbaijan and Georgia and wants their withdrawal, has itself adopted a draft law “On preventing the foreign interference” and has defined strict requirements for granting the status of a foreign agent.

So, how did France turn from an influential global power to a country whose decisions are not taken seriously? Of course, as a result of the failed domestic and foreign policy implemented by French President Emmanuel Macron and his government...

When considering the history, we see that the caliber of serious politicians in Europe, especially in France, is decreasing year by year. France, which bestowed an emperor like Napoleon, leaders such as Charles De Gaulle, Jacques Chirac

who understood the world order, is today ruled by Emmanuel Macron. Precisely as a result of his chaotic and inconsistent policy, France suffered a strategic defeat in its traditional sphere of influence - Africa. Anti-French forces came to power in former French colonies such as Mali, Burkina-Faso, Niger, Paris' military and economic presence in the region was ended. In the Middle East, especially in Lebanon, France has not been an important actor for a long time.

The exposure of the activities of the French intelligence, whether in Azerbaijan or in other countries, is another indicator of what situation Macron has brought his country to.

On the other hand, Macron’s proposal of leading an anti- Russia coalition in Ukraine and sending NATO forces to the region is vehemently rejected by the member states.

As for the South Caucasus, Macron, who pursued a policy of unsuccessful militarization and unilateral support for Armenia, did not succeed here either.

The incompetent and unsuccessful steps of the Macron’s government have already left the sphere of foreign policy and caused serious dissatisfaction within France.

Scandalous pension reform, the draft law that restricts migration and divides opinions, and the "yellow vests" movement, which makes demands in the economic and social spheres and is still ongoing, are precisely the products of the Macron era.

The criminogenic situation and the public safety in the country are also under threat. In crime-ridden France, continuous attacks on synagogues and series of threats to mayors of cities located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea are recorded. Finally, the escape of a dangerous criminal after the attack on the prison convoy and the death of 2 employees of the penitentiary system indicates serious gaps in security.

Against this backdrop, the fact that 70% of citizens are dissatisfied with Emmanuel Macron's rule in the latest opinion polls shows that the official Paris’ policy, both domestic and foreign, is deadlocked. Macron’s policy has brought France, which has a unique role in the world map, to a status of an ordinary European country that’s not taken seriously and has limited levers of influence. The policy of Macron, which brought the country to this situation, will not be able to be saved by even its favorite, the Armenian diaspora, in the next elections.

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