Baloglan Asrafov prepares surprises for concert to be held on Sept. 16

Baloglan Asrafov prepares surprises for concert to be held on Sept. 16
# 27 August 2007 16:22 (UTC +04:00)
Honoured Artist Baloglan Asrafov will give a solo concert in Green Theatre on September 16, APA reports.
The musician presented his film loop “Second life” dedicated to surgery he underwent in Istanbul in the press conference. The fragments from the hospital life of the musician were demonstrated in the loop produced by Faig Karimoglu. Though the composer of the music is anonym, the part of the words belongs to Ashrafov.
“This clip was looped unprofessionally. Therefore, I ask to take flaws into consideration. We only used the materials we had. This film-loop will be demonstrated during concert in Green Theatre.
We are preparing surprises for the concert. I will publicize 27-year old boy he gave me his liver in the concert. This will be one of the surprises,” he said.
Young and famous musician is also intended to sing in the concert. Asrafov did not say his name.
“The concert will be of educational character. It can not be regarded as a solo concert. I called my concert “Second breathe”. Because I was born twice and I am obliged to my God for it,” he said.
Ashrafov said that he will never forgive four members of the ensemble who left him during his disease. The musician said that others will substitute those 4 musicians in the concert.
The organizer of the concert is “N.E.Organization” (Nahid Emiloglu) and APA Information Agency covers the concert. /APA/

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