Ilgar Aliyev: We saw Armenians behead over 60 Khojaly people

Ilgar Aliyev: We saw Armenians behead over 60 Khojaly people
# 18 February 2008 15:13 (UTC +04:00)
They put the bodies of women and children into the silo in Baylik garden near the village,” Ilgar Aliyev, resident of Garadaghli and witness of the happenings told APA. He said that Armenians shot the village residents and put still alive people into the well. Ilgar Aliyev said was taken hostage after Garadaghli village of Khojavend region was occupied by the military units of Armenia on February 17, 1992.
“Over 100 Garadaghli residents were taken hostage along with me. We saw terrible tortures on the way. Armenians hit heads of two village residents with mallet and killed them. We were first taken to Lingin village. Three were killed there and 12 were killed in Malibayli. We were taken from Malibayli to Khankendi on foot. All the way we saw insulting acts of Armenians,” he said.
Ilgar Aliyev underlined that 8 Garadghli residents starved in prison in Khankendi.
“I was in prison in Khankendi when Armenians occupied Khojaly on February 26. Armenians brought over 100 people to the prison that day. Later I knew they were Khojaly residents and that the town was occupied. The next day 60 Khojaly people were beheaded. There were children and women among them,” he said.
Aliyev noted that he returned from captivity on March 31, 1992.Garadag resident Oruj Aliyev told about torture and massacres which he witnessed after occupation of the village.
“I was captured on February 17. Half of my relatives were killed in the way .My teeth were pulled out in the jail,” he said. He said that Armenians beat and tortured him every day when he was in the captivity.
“I was handed over with the help of Allahverdi Bagirov on March 17 in 1992.Representaives of International Committee of the Red Cross have never visited the hospital till that time,” he said. Oruj Aliyev said that, Armenians sold internal of Azerbaijani captives to foreign countries.
“Armenians sold internal of Azerbaijani captives. Armenians whom I knew before told me,” he said. He said that Armenian President Robert Kocharian headed the massacres and occupation of Garadaghli. He heard it when he was in the hospital in Asgaran. Armenian Armed Forces occupied Garadaghli village with the help of Russian 366 motorised regiment on February 17, 1992 .77 people, as well as 10 women, 8 children were killed during the occupation.104 people were captured.54 villagers were killed in the captivity and 50 were handed over.

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