Report from Azerbaijani Gazakh region’s villages bordering on Armenia

Report from Azerbaijani Gazakh region’s villages bordering on Armenia
# 11 September 2007 13:29 (UTC +04:00)
Armenian armed forces fire on the houses and roads in Gazakh region Mezem village almost every day, the village residents told APA’s local bureau. The people said they are obliged to live in parts of the houses to protect themselves from bullets. Mezem is one of the villages in the west of Azerbaijan which borders on Armenia. About 40 families are living in the village located in 100 meters from the posts of Armenian armed forces. The people were obliged to set up barricades from sacks of stone and sand to protect themselves from bullets. Bullet holes on the doors prove that the village is often fired by Armenians.
As there is very little distance between Armenian posts and the village Armenians do not only fire on the village. The village residents say that the Armenians knowing the Azeri language abuse them and demand them to leave the lands. The residents’ response to these insults result in Armenians’ firing on the village by machine, submachine guns and snipers. Resident of Mezem, 70-year old Asli Nasibova, whose house is opposite to Armenian post told APA’s correspondent that they are afraid of the enemy’s firing every moment.
“When Armenians start firing we have to find a shelter. The bullets damaged the first floor of the house. We have constructed the house, but have not yet used its upper part. Once Armenians killed our cattle. We will die but not leave our houses. Despite of all difficulties, no one has left the village. Armenians insult mullahs and Koran every time they hear Koran read at funerals. The people of bordering villages Mezem, Gushchu Ayrim and Ferehli support one another.
Mezem is Azerbaijan’s fence. If we leave here, Armenians will damage Mezem,” he said.
The other village resident who is living near Armenian post whose child Ahmed Nasibov was National Hero said that Armenians are coward.
“Armenians became wild sometimes and began to fire. They stop firing after response fire of our army. They fire at the village mostly with machine and submachine guns. They also fire on our cattle. Sometimes representatives of international organizations visit the village. They get acquainted with our condition. But the Armenians did not fire the village when they were here. But they started to fire as soon as they left the village,” he said.
The residents said that Armenians started to fire on Mezem village fewer within last month. It is linked with their gathering grain.
“They will start firing and arsons as soon as they finish gathering corps. It is repeated every year,” he said.
Armenians set fire to Gazakh’s border villages with Armenia from early September. Armenians started their arsons mostly in the occupied Gizilhajili and Askipara villages of Gazakh. Mazam resident Gahraman Yusifov said that scale of arsons committed in Gizilhajili is great.
“Armenians set fire to Gizilhajili and pastures after they finished planting. The animals fled to our village from the fire,” he said.
The residents said that the fire covered the occupied mined territories and 25 mines blasted interruptedly. If the fire covers the territories controlled by Azerbaijani Armed Forces, the soldiers prevent it. /APA/

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