Araz Azimov: Azerbaijan will not allow changing the status of Lachin corridor

Araz Azimov: Azerbaijan will not allow changing the status of Lachin corridor
# 24 May 2007 12:48 (UTC +04:00)
Azimov said that Azerbaijani will agree to cooperate with Armenia only on condition that there is normal situation for it, first of all Azerbaijani territories have to be liberated and Armenia has to recognize Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity.
The Deputy Minister also stated that Azerbaijani will not allow liberating adjacent regions of Nagorno Karabakh under any conditions. Liberating seven regions is now being negotiated.
“The liberated territories will have to be cleared, and it will be implemented with support of international organizations. One of the main problems will be mineclearance. It will take much time,” he said.
Araz Azimov said the people will be brought back after rehabilitation.
He underlined impossibility of bringing back the IDPS to Nagorno Karabakh is at initial stage.
“First of all, liberation of seven regions has to be solved. Security issues have to be solved so that Azerbaijanis can return there. Azerbaijanis will be brought back there only when security issues are solved, and the two communities may live together. The issue on autonomy will be out of discussion unless security issues are solved,” he said.
Araz Azimov said referendum on the status of Nagorno Karabakh can be held and underlined that it will be held all over the country.
Commenting on Lachin corridor, the deputy minister said this corridor is regarded as a contact road of Armenia with Nagorno Karabakh Armenians, two sides of the road can be commissioned.
“If Armenia wants to cooperate with Azerbaijan, it has to consider joint use of this road. Azerbaijan will not allow changing the status of the corridor. This road is Azerbaijani territory and it will not change. The negotiations should also determine the terms of Armenia’s using this road,” he said. /APA/

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