Armenians strongly fire on Azerbaijani villages

Armenians strongly fire on Azerbaijani villages
# 10 April 2007 09:45 (UTC +04:00)
Armenian Armed Forces have been firing on Azerbaijani villages of Tap and Tap Garagoyunlu of Goranboy region situated on the border with the villages of Agdere for 10 days, Over 30 houses were damaged as a result of the skirmish. APA’s Karabakh bureau correspondent prepared a report from the village Tap. When you approach the village you have the impression that life is normal here. It seems that the village does not differ from other villages, engaged in farming. Your impression changes when you see the doors of the first house. Roofs, windows, walls have been damaged.
The residents of the village say that they spend most of their time in cells. When Armenians see two-three men in the village they start fire.
APA correspondent visited school in the village Tap and saw a strange “subbotnik”. The pupils were gathering shrapnel. Teachers said that the pupils gather shrapnel every day before the classes.
“It is impossible to start a lesson. The village is fired every day,” they said.
School director Rovshan Garayev noted that when Armenians violated the ceasefire for the last time they targeted the school.
“Fortunately, this happened in the evening. The lessons were over at school otherwise it would be very difficult to manage with this situation,” he said.
The principal also added that Armenians used to fire at Azerbaijani positions in sub areas of the village, but within the last ten days they fired directly at the village. There is no undamaged house or enterprise left. The village residents noted that no-one of the statesmen or officials visit the village.
“Regular violation of the ceasefire prevents us from sowing,” they said.
It is impossible to do something in the village. Armenians are able to control the village from their positions. It is for many ages that the village has not been cleaned. As soon as we start sowing Armenians begin to fire. At the same time the number of snakes has increased too,” the residents said.
The residents have gathered stones in front of their windows in order to be protected from the Armenians’ fires. But Armenians began to fire from sub-machines so that is difficult for the residents to be protected.
Ceasefire violations have killed 16 civilians in Tap village, seven of which were children. Three of them were killed by Armenians, other four died in the blast. 19 became martyrs before the ceasefire .Nine of them died during the war and three were wounded during the ceasefire period. /APA/

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