Turkish Parliamentary Commission Chairman: “Turkey’s passiveness in the Karabakh issue is out of question”

Turkish Parliamentary Commission Chairman: “Turkey’s passiveness in the Karabakh issue is out of question”
# 22 July 2013 16:55 (UTC +04:00)

Istanbul. Mayis Alizadeh – APA. APA's interview with Chairman of the Constitutional Commission of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, AK Party Istanbul deputy Burhan Kuzu

- The Prosecutor General of Armenia has made territorial claims on Turkey about 20 days ago. Does any country have the right to demand territories from another country within the international law?

- Receiving support of some states, Armenia is making demands contrary to the law. Thus, Armenian atrocity is obvious: “Genocide was committed against the Azerbaijani Turks. Unfortunately, Europe failed to take the necessary steps in this issue, a commission consisting of 5 countries, including France was established, it has been engaged in senseless activities up to now and has not passed any decision. We intend to have good relations with neighbours, but this doesn’t mean that we should fulfil all their demands. When they wanted to separate the Ottoman Empire along with the Russians in 1915, some Armenian citizens suffered in the eastern regions, not only the Armenian citizens, but everyone suffered at that time. I ask the persons describing the events that happened at that time as “genocide: If the Ottoman state committed genocide, why the wealthy Armenians living in the best places of Istanbul were not injured? If it had been genocide we would have killed them. So, the question is not that. The question is that as Armenians betrayed the state by cooperating with the country that had conflict with us, those who ruled the empire sent them to other regions and some of them died on the way due to various reasons. Therefore, I can not understand their claim on our territories. What, how much, why do they want? It is meaningless. I think they intend to create a new problem and make us admit the 1915 events as “genocide”. This is the essence of the case. But I advise them not to go to 1915, but come to the issue on the occupied Karabakh. I want to draw attention to that point. Armenian should first of all answer for it. For the present, 70,000 Armenians are living in Yenikapi and other districts of Istanbul. Most of them are working and living here illegally. We feel sorry for the Armenians and turn a blind eye to it. Such senseless claims of those ruling the Armenian state will cause tension. If they want it, let them continue making claims.

- You are one of the experienced parliamentarians of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and a famous expert on the international law. The UN Security Council has four resolutions on unconditional withdrawal of Armenian forces from the occupied Karabakh territories, but Armenia ignores these resolutions, the international community does not create necessary mechanism of pressure over Armenia. Why do you think the UN Security Council's resolutions are not fulfilled?

-The main problem is that the power of the UN sanctions is very weak. There are hundreds of resolutions on Israel, but Israel has fulfilled none of them. I think there is a need for a mechanism that will give sanction power to the UN for the fulfilment of the decisions. If it does not happen, preference should be given to the solution of the problems through mutual discussions. It is possible to make more effective the Minsk Group established for the solution of Karabakh problem. The international law has rules, but unfortunately the implementation of the rules is impossible when there is no power of sanction. There should be strong sanctions. It is impossible to deploy NATO, UN forces everywhere.

- Turkey has always tried to realize peaceful mission in the Caucasus and is doing its best for it. But despite this vice-speaker of the Armenian parliament has said that Turkey should not interfere in the Karabakh problem. Do you think it is possible?

- It is impossible, because Azerbaijan is our brother and we want to have good relations with our neighbours, too. We always support justice. The world has seen Armenian savagery in Karabakh and Khojaly genocide. What can justify Armenians in these cases? Turkey is a great power in the region, therefore, no problem can be solved in the region without Turkey. We can not stay passive while all countries in the region demand us to play a more active role in the solution of the problems.

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