Pro-Armenian letter sent to Gorbachev by a group of senators, including John Kerry, on eve of 20 January 1990 disclosed

Pro-Armenian letter sent to Gorbachev by a group of senators, including John Kerry, on eve of 20 January 1990 disclosed
# 20 January 2015 11:40 (UTC +04:00)

Baku. Aynur Aliyeva – APA. New details have emerged of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict as well as unjust acts committed by the USSR leadership against Azerbaijanis.

These facts show that the US is also behind the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh and its annexation to Armenia.

It became clear that one member of the US Congress had sent a letter to USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev on 18 January 1990.

In their request, US senators stated that they were seriously concerned about the killing of the Armenian population in Azerbaijan by a group of Azerbaijanis during the last six days and looting of property of the Armenian population of Baku. Among the 60 dead and 156 wounded most are Armenians. And even up to 4,000 Armenians became refugees as a result of the latest incidents, APA reports citing

The letter says that the Soviet officers who were sent to Azerbaijan characterized the situation as a civil war.

“We ask You to take all necessary measures to stop the killing of Armenian minorities as well as other acts of violence in the region. Beside the resumption of the civil peace we hope that Soviet authorities will take care of the safe transportation of the Armenians who desire to return to their country. We hope that you will also cease the economic blockade between Armenia and Karabakh in the earthquake zone where many foreigners and Americans continue working. The horrible outrage from the Azerbaijani population once again calls for the necessity of unification of 160,000 Armenians living in Nagorno Karabakh with those in Armenia. Within 70 years, the Azerbaijani authorities succeeded only in infringement of the cultural rights of the inhabitants of the region, and in economic discrimination of the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh who make 60 percent of the region’s population. Thus, we strongly us You to resolve the tragedy by allowing the population of Karabakh to choose their future political and cultural relatedness within the Soviet government,” the statement says.

It is noteworthy that among the senators who signed the appeal was the current US Secretary of State John Kerry. Senators Peter Wilson, Paul Seimak, Larry Pressler and Claiborne Pell also signed the appeal.

On January 19 in Moscow, chairman of sub-commission of the US Senate on foreign affairs C. Pell had a meeting with foreign minister of the Soviet Union Eduard Shevardnadze. During the meeting C. Pell noted the Soviet leadership should not allow Azerbaijan to maintain the future control over the Armenian Karabakh.

“I am deeply stressed by the violence of the Azerbaijanis and the Armenian pogroms in the USSR. The Soviet government is to take all measures to protect the Armenian population. The Soviet government should exclude Nagorno-Karabakh from Azerbaijan. By allowing Azerbaijan to continue its control over Nagorno-Karabakh will mean aggravation of the situation,” C. Pell underlined.

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