Azerbaijani President: “Let they get away from our lands!”

Azerbaijani President: “Let they get away from our lands!”
# 26 June 2015 04:57 (UTC +04:00)

Baku-APA. "Despite ongoing economic and financial crisis at the world scale, Azerbaijan is a strong state, and shall take all necessary measures to army building, strengthening of military capabilities", - said the President of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev at the opening of a new base and N-military unit of Naval Forces in the Puta settlement of Garadagh district, Baku, on June 25, APA reports.

The President noted that the Caspian Sea is a sea of ​​peace, cooperation, this is the position of the Azerbaijani state: "We are trying to put forward initiatives to deepen peace and cooperation in the Caspian Sea. I am glad that all the neighboring countries share this position. Existing between the Caspian countries relations of friendship and co-operation is the guarantor of peace and security in the Caspian Sea. In many cases, Azerbaijan puts forward regional cooperation initiatives, including initiatives that unite the Caspian countries, as put forward by Azerbaijan. In the future our relations with neighboring countries that are based on friendship, mutual understanding and cooperation will develop, and this is the guarantor of peace in the region, the Caspian region."

Noting Azerbaijan’s successfully army building process, the President stressed that this is a priority issue for the government: "Our army is growing, increasing its strength. Strengthen discipline in the army, the reforms are bearing fruit. The combat capability of our army is growing, improving its material and technical equipment. As you know, the main expenses of the state budget of Azerbaijan - it is military spending. We continue to maintain our military spending at the highest level and will provide all the needs of the army."

President Aliyev noted that in the contemporary world processes, bloody clashes that occur in different regions of military conflicts dictate that even countries that are not at war, and took military and army building as a priority.

The President noted that Azerbaijan’s biggest problem is the continued occupation of its lands: "This injustice continues for many years. In the early 1990s, as a result of incompetence, betrayal of the then leadership of Azerbaijan, our lands are under occupation. Unfortunately, in spite of all the decisions of international organizations, this occupation continues. The norms of international law grossly violated, but the world community remains indifferent to it. The UN Security Council adopted four resolutions relating to the conflict. They also stated that the Armenian armed forces should be unconditionally withdrawn from our lands. It took more than twenty years, but these resolutions are not fulfilled. This is - a great injustice against us, our country and the people. But today's world, unfortunately, is built on injustice. Violates international law, there is no pressure on the state-occupier is not, as a country under occupation, sees no support", the President said.

"In this case, we certainly need to rely solely on our own strength that we do. Of course, documents, resolutions, decisions of international organizations increase our political, diplomatic possibilities. Today, no country recognizes Nagorno-Karabakh. This is - our great political and diplomatic success. The decisions of international organizations provide the legal basis for a settlement. This framework is based on both historical justice, as Nagorno-Karabakh - native Azerbaijani land. The Azerbaijani people for centuries lived and worked in these lands. Building on these lands historical monuments show once again that it is our historical, ancestral lands. Not only Nagorno Karabakh is ours, but even the present-day Armenia was created on historical Azerbaijani lands. We all know that. Already the world knows about it. Irevan khanate, Goyche, Zangezur Mahal - these are our historical lands, and we, Azerbaijanis must return and return and to this land."

According to the President, the power factor in today's world plays a central role: "The basic principle is "Who has power he/she is right". This is the reality. We live in the real world. Of course, there are rules of international behavior, norms of international law, international organizations operate. But we do not see concrete results of this activity. Once again I want to note that in many cases, we see the injustice against our state, people. How is it that in some cases the UN Security Council resolutions are carried out in a matter of hours? And when it comes to us, 20 years have passed, and those resolutions remain on paper. It is injustice, double standards. But I want to say again: very correctly analyze the real situation, we have once again come to the conclusion that must rely on their own economic, military force, on the talent of the Azerbaijani people."

The President stressed that the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict must be resolved only within the territorial integrity of our country, "no other way, neither Azerbaijani people nor Azerbaijani state or disagree with any other option. We must and will restore our territorial integrity. We are not claims on the lands of other nations. Although, as I noted, the current territory of Armenia is our historical land. But we will not give anyone their land and will never reconcile with this situation."

"For just a speedy settlement of the conflict in their favor, we must become even stronger. We are building a strong state. Today Azerbaijan is recognized worldwide as a powerful state. In all regions of the scene of bloody clashes, conflicts, civil wars, political and economic crises. Azerbaijan is an island of development and stability. Sound policies, the unity between the people and the authorities and the independent policy are the main condition for all our successes. We have built a strong economy and today no one country can not be compared with Azerbaijan in terms of economic development. The pace of economic development that we have seen in the past ten years has never been found in any other country. Today, Azerbaijan continues its successful economic development. This enables us to pursue an independent policy. If our economy is dependent on other countries or international financial institutions, of course, we could dictate the will of other countries. Today, no outside force can not impose their will on us. If such attempts are made, we are determined to stop them. The Azerbaijani state has its own way. This is the path of independence and development. The Azerbaijani people - the master of his fate. No outside force can not affect our will, cause us to turn from the path of development as economic development - the main guarantor of our successful development of our independence", the President said.

Ilham Aliyev stressed that the military know the situation on the contact line: "And the Azerbaijani public knows this. I can say that over the last year, the Azerbaijani army takes full advantage of the line of contact. In the summer of last year, Armenia has tried to inflict a provocation on the contact line. But this provocation was adequately suppressed, the enemy was rebuffed. According to our data, in July-August last year to date destroyed more than a hundred invaders. Sometimes we are reproached that occurs at the contact line tensions, the Armenian party is numerous casualties. Our answer to this is very simple: let removed from our lands! Then the conflict is resolved and peace can be established. Several times I said this to the Armenian side, I want to say again: if you do not want to die, get out of our land. According to our data, the enemy is now in a panic, hysteria. After the defeat on the frontline, he tried to take revenge on us, but these attempts were unsuccessful. The more they make provocations, the greater the losses will be borne. Once again I want to say that today the Azerbaijani army shows its advantage. The patriotic spirit of our fighting ability, technical possibilities, of course, is responsible for our advantage. Available in the arsenal of Azerbaijani Army equipment, weapons and ammunition with high accuracy can destroy any target in Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia."

"Dear soldiers, for nearly 24 years, we are living in conditions of independence. Independence is our greatest treasure, the greatest value. For centuries, the Azerbaijani people, our ancestors lived with the dream of independence. But this happiness has dropped us. Today independent Azerbaijan is recognized as a model country in the world. The unity between the people and the authorities in Azerbaijan is at the highest level. Azerbaijan has all the guarantees of freedom, democratic development is fast, strengthens our economic potential, military power. Azerbaijan dominates a wonderful social climate. It's really an exemplary country, and the main reason for all these successes is independent. We have previously had energy resources. At the end of the nineteenth - early twentieth centuries, the Azerbaijani oil was 50 percent of the world's oil. But where were these riches, these results?! These resources did not belong to us. Only in the years of independence we have achieved good results. Our nation is free, independent. We are building our life. Our independence is measured not only by state attributes. We are pursuing an independent policy, expressed their opinions on all international platforms, set its strong position on all international issues. Sometimes it irritates the external forces, following which relate to us negatively. But for me it does not matter. The main thing - its safety, welfare of the Azerbaijani people, the development and strengthening of the Azerbaijani state", the head of State Ilham Aliyev said.

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