Gapanli residents say reports that they leaving village groundless and provocative

Gapanli residents say reports that they leaving village groundless and provocative
# 03 August 2014 11:48 (UTC +04:00)

Terter. Rashad Suleymanov – APA. Some media reports and social network posts that residents of Terter region’s Gapanli village, located near the line of contact, are leaving the village are groundless.

APA’s correspondent reports from Gapanli village that the residents have not left the village and continue their everyday life.

The local residents told APA’s correspondent that these reports are groundless and provocative.

Last night, head of Terter Region Executive Authority visited the village and met local residents.

Deputy commander of the military unit, responsible for the defense of the territory, Zaur Rustamov also met the residents.

According to APA’s correspondent, who participated in the meeting, Rustamov said that last night passed calmly compared to previous days. He said no serious tension and subversive attacks of the enemy were recorded last night and related this with the fact that the enemy suffered great losses over last days. Rustamov urged the residents not to panic nor believe false and provocative information. He also stressed that our soldiers properly fulfill their duties to defend the residents’ safety.

Head of Gapanli village municipality Latif Hamidov told APA’s correspondent that though the tension in the direction of the village has escalated in recent days, nobody left the village.

“Despite the recent escalated tension, Armenians were silenced with return fire. Nobody left the village. We are even preparing for the wedding. Two weddings are expected in the village in coming days,” he said.

Hamidov also said that Gapanli residents continue their everyday life.

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