Elnur Aslanov: The main reason why aggressor Armenia is in hard situation is Azerbaijan

Elnur Aslanov: The main reason why aggressor Armenia is in hard situation is Azerbaijan
# 19 December 2013 09:17 (UTC +04:00)

Baku. Gulnar Bashirova – APA. “Today, Azerbaijan is facing a network war. The scheme of this war is as follows: the national state, its leader and political elite are targeted, attempts are made to humiliate the people, play down their values created throughout centuries, opportunities are sought to weaken our independence and sovereignty and use young people in their malicious intentions,” said Elnur Aslanov, Chief of the Political Analyses and Information Department of Azerbaijan’s Presidential Administration, addressing the first congress of the ASAN Volunteers Youth Organization in Baku, APA reports.

“In this regard, we can classify what is being observed as follows: First, double standards – we often see that double standards are applied against Azerbaijan. It can be felt more obviously when significant and historical events take place in the country. Second, the stereotypes formed against Azerbaijan – Armenian lobby also plays a major role in this issue. False reports about Azerbaijan are being spread; wrong opinion is being formed through disinformation. Third, disapproval of Azerbaijan’s independent policy by some forces, the failure of the forces wishing to make Azerbaijan dependent on them, sometimes encourages them to revenge,” Elnur Aslanov said.

The Presidential Administration official said that strong civil factor and state-citizen unity are the biggest bar in front of them: “Because Azerbaijan’s state policy is focused on Azerbaijani citizens and service to them. The national interests of the Azerbaijani state and people are above all. Young people must be ready for any kind of selflessness to protect the national interests. The independence of the homeland is above all.”

Elnur Aslanov said Azerbaijan is known as a place of stability, security in the region, has a stabilizing role in the region.

“But unfortunately, Armenia’s aggression, policy of terrorism against Azerbaijan keeps Europe under serious threat. We do not put up with this occupation. We want Armenia, which is pursuing aggressive policy, to be punished not only by Azerbaijan and Turkey, but also other countries, international and regional organizations,” he said.

Sometimes the resolutions of the UN Security Council are fulfilled within a few hours, while the resolutions on the occupied Azerbaijani territories have remained on paper for 20 years. Azerbaijan is doing and will do everything possible for the justice to be restored. Negotiations being carried out throughout these years are our biggest concession. Other ways have never been ruled out in the restoration of our territorial integrity, this is our sovereign right and we retain this right. Azerbaijan supports peaceful solution of the conflict. But for this to happen, Armenia should not disrupt the negotiations, should demonstrate constructive position. Only in this case it will be possible to start working on the peace agreement,” he said.

Department chief of the Presidential Administration underlined that we should be ready for post-conflict period.

“Sooner or later this conflict will be solved, it cannot be otherwise. Armenia, the forces supporting it will not be able to withstand Azerbaijan, which is growing stronger, for a long time. This is already a reality that Armenia is rapidly growing empty. We are witnessing the process of dearmenization in the region. Due to poverty, Armenians are leaving the South Caucasus. The main reason why aggressor Armenia is in hard situation is Azerbaijan, we do not hide it, this process will not stop as long as Yerevan continues aggressive policy,” he said.

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