Elnur Aslanov: “Armenia is deprived of real income opportunities, but for the donations of the Diaspora”

Elnur Aslanov: “Armenia is deprived of real income opportunities, but for the donations of the Diaspora”
# 30 August 2013 10:08 (UTC +04:00)

Baku – APA. “The economic collapse in Armenia has led to the emigration of the people with the dream of a new and better life. The process of emigration is currently going on,” said head of Political Analysis and Information Provision Department of the Presidential Administration Elnur Aslanov addressing the 11th Summer Forum of ASAIF in Baku, APA reports.

Basing on the official statistics of Armenia, he said that 10% of the Armenian population has left the country over the recent years: “According to the unofficial sources, this figure is higher. The young people are more active in this process, they don’t want to sacrifice their future in vain. The reason of the current situation is related with the lost of trust of the people in their state and authorities. The trust is the basis of the economic activity. Otherwise, it is impossible to involve internal, or external investments. ”

Today, Armenia’s economy is incapable of solving the problems regarding limited internal financial resources, lack of foreign investment and outward flow of human capital. An important part of Armenia’s state budget is formed thanks to Diaspora donations. Of course, these funds can be enough to keep any foundation, but Armenia is not a foundation, it is a state and must form its budget at the expense of economic development. Armenia is deprived of real income opportunities, but for the donations of the Diaspora.

It does not participate in any regional cooperation project, nor enjoys the regional development. The state budget of Armenia is even lower than Azerbaijan’s military expenses.

Armenia’s present situation allows forming an objective opinion about its future and justified questions arise. The economic recession has direct impact on the political situation. Citizens express their discontent, demonstrate distrust in the authorities.

Armenia’s geopolitical insignificance is closely connected with its foreign policy. Every state determines its future itself. Armenia is becoming a hostage of its authorities and an outpost of several geopolitical centers. Due to this policy, Armenia will collapse as a state and remain only as an empty place on the political map.

Unlike Armenia and several other states, independent Azerbaijan is successfully implementing the development strategy, ensuring its integration into the world order, achieving diversified development of its economy.

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