Elders should mediate Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict - POSITION

Elders should mediate Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict - <span style="color: red;">POSITION
# 05 July 2017 13:42 (UTC +04:00)

Dear Elders,

Tonight – July 4, 2017 the Armenian occupant army units had intensified attacks on Azerbaijani villages. As a result two peaceful residents of Alkhanli village of Fuzuli District were killed. One of them is 50 year old woman – Sahiba Quliyeva. The second one is – unfortunately – 18 months old Zahra Quliyeva. This case of murder approves once more that Armenian occupants target not only military positions of Azerbaijan, but peaceful residents as well.

Dear Elders,

We believe that you know the history and details of conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. But for any instance we would like to remind you shortly. The conflict has started in 1988 while Armenia started ethnic cleansing forcing away all its ethnic Azerbaijani citizens from its territories. As a result around 250 thousands Azerbaijanis were kicked away from their historical homeland – now called Armenia. They were the last Azerbaijanis living in Armenia.

Then Armenia started to voice territorial claims against Azerbaijan and initiated 1st armed attacks on Azerbaijani territories. As Armenia was supported by Russian acting army they managed to occupy Nagorno Karabakh and surrounding territories. And result is more than dangerous: about 20 percent of Azerbaijani territories are under occupation of Armenia for more than 20 years. 250 thousands refugees and around 750 thousands IDPs still wait for the day to return to their homes. OSCE Minsk Group is trying to mediate and resolve the conflict for more than 20 years with no any success. And aggression of Armenian occupation army tirelessly continues nowadays. Every week they kill our people and the last ones, as I mentioned above, are 50 year old woman and her 18 months old granddaughter.

Now Azerbaijan is much more stronger in terms of army, economy and of course manpower. We can solve the conflict with force. But we are dedicated to peaceful settlement of any conflict. Because we don`t want people to die for. But the world needs to understand that Azerbaijan is not and cannot wait endlessly for the settlement of this conflict as 1 million refugees and IDPs are waiting for immediate return to their homes.

As Armenian occupation continues the peace will not come to the Caucasus. That’s why we`d like to draw your attention to the conflict and use your authority to help resolve the conflict. We believe that both nations – Azerbaijanis and Armenians deserve to live in peace and prosperity. But unfortunately Armenian authorities` aggressive policy does not allow to solve the problem. So please join the efforts to resolve the conflict. We believe that you – The Elders having great experience in global policy and being the most authoritative people of our Globe can really help to resolve this conflict.

With great respect and hope,

Mr. Azer Hasret

Honored Journalist of Azerbaijan Republic

Note that, Azer Hasret posted the article on his blog.

Nagorno Garabagh