Leader of Turkey's Jafari Community: ‘Yerevan is located 40 km far from Turkish border, Armenians must take it into account in Karabakh talks’

Leader of Turkey
# 22 December 2012 09:09 (UTC +04:00)

Baku. Ramil Mammadli – APA. ‘No Azeri Turk can keep head up, unless Karabakh is liberated from occupation. The main issue is to liberate the occupied territories and return the refugees to their homes. Other issues will be solved through negotiations’, the leader of Turkey's Jafari community Selahattin Ozgunduz told APA.

He noted that the struggle in this direction should be sustainable and effective, it must cover all spheres: ‘I say it in all my speeches. On the last day of Ashura in Istanbul I declared that we expect peaceful solution to the Karabakh problem. But if there is no place for hope, if military operations start, Azeri Turks living in Turkey will totally support their homeland – Azerbaijan’.

He expressed that besides Azerbaijan-born persons, there are millions of Anadolu Turks in Turkey, who love Azerbaijan: ‘Armenian capital is located 40 km far from Turkish border. Armenians must take it into account and estimate peace negotiations. And first of all, they must not forget that Armenia is surrounded by millions of Turks. It would be better if they are committed to Turks, as it was formerly. It is for their sake’.

Selahattin Ozgunduz added that Azerbaijanis living in Turkey also give priority to peace: ‘But to proud peace. I have 3 sons. I am ready to send all three to the war for the sake of Azerbaijan. If only our pride isn’t trampled down’.

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