Azerbaijani student beaten by Armenians in French parliament reveals details of incident - EXCLUSIVE

Azerbaijani student beaten by Armenians in French parliament reveals details of incident - <span style="color: red;">EXCLUSIVE
# 27 February 2013 15:43 (UTC +04:00)

“We came in, but no one knew that we were Azerbaijanis. Mirvari Fataliyeva spoke French. Only we didn’t applaud the Armenians’ speeches at the event. Then I felt that they looked at us with suspicion and took our photos. They were interested in our identity in reception room. We didn’t stand up after a minute of silence was declared and protested. Mirvari reminded the participants of the event that today is the anniversary of Khojaly massacre. Following this, they shouted at us and insulted and the Armenians sitting next to us attacked Mirvari to make her be silent. I immediately bent Mirvari's head and in order to protect her I began hand-to-hand fight with them.”

Vusal Huseynov said he was punched and kicked: “I led Mirvari out and went out pushing the attackers away. They beat Mirvari outside again, even pulled her hair. I ran up to her, we lost while running along the corridor and re-entered that room through another door. The Armenians attacked again and started to beat us. As I had not seen Mirvari for a while, I worried about her, thus called for help in a loud voice. I said them to take me to her. Under the pretence of taking me to Mirvari, they were taking me to another room, but I heard Mirvari’s scream from another room in the corridor. I immediately rushed to the room. Another event was being held in that room and the people there helped us.”

Vusal Huseynov said that he has been recently discharged from the hospital: “Now I feel better, but still suffer from sharp pains. We are being examined. Following this we will appeal to police.”

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