Scotland company completes mine clearance in the territory of airport, being constructed in Fuzuli - VIDEO

Scotland company completes mine clearance in the territory of airport, being constructed in Fuzuli - VIDEO
# 15 February 2021 13:04 (UTC +04:00)

"Following decades of instability and conflict, the Nagorno-Karabakh region is heavily contaminated with explosive remnants of war requiring the services of a (UN approved) humanitarian demining company to clear and prove the area prior to any civil engineering operations", noted in the statement of Aardvark Group Company of Scotland, dealing with demining activity in Fuzuli district, liberated from occupation, APA reports.

"A detailed survey and assessment of the scale and nature of the contamination was undertaken to provide guidance in the selection of the most appropriate equipment to meet this complex challenge. The Aardvark Group has a 40-year history of delivering similar projects with similar conditions, including the safe demining of the Sarajevo airport area following the Bosnian conflict.

Despite numerous logistical challenges, exacerbated by the COVID pandemic, the Aardvark team worked around the clock to meet the client's 14-day delivery deadline in Fuzuli. This outstanding feat could not have been achieved without the expert support and commitment from the UK Defense and Security Exports team and the Export Control Joint Unit at the Department for International Trade, the UK's overseas representatives in both Germany and Baku and last but not the least the Azerbaijani Government - who embraced British support for the humanitarian efforts in their country.

Assessing activity of the Company, British Ambassador to Azerbaijan James Sharp called increasing number of deaths and injuries as a result of mines and explosives a tragedy.

Mr. David St. John-Claire, the CEO of the Aardvark Group commented:

“The demining project will ensure that the safe construction of the new Fuzuli international Airport and the transformation of the area can begin in the earnest. The Government plan is to see domestic and international flights within the next two years – providing a much needed stimulus for the region, the economy and the most importantly, the community," noted in the information.

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