Released Shusha prison - REPORTAGE

Released Shusha prison - REPORTAGE
# 26 January 2021 14:40 (UTC +04:00)

Famous Shusha prison

There are many secrets between these walls. What, who did not see these walls?

Shusha prison was built during Tsarist Russia - in the middle of the XIX century, at the expense of Khangizi Natavan. According to some information, prior to this, prisoners from Shusha were detained in the prison located in the city of Ganja. Their relatives, loved ones had to travel a long way, and to go to Ganja in order to visit them. Taking this into account, Khan gizi Natavan in order to save the people of Shusha, as well as people living in surrounding territories from this suffering had allocated a fund for the construction of the prison in Shusha. The prison is located in the east of Shusha fortress, the lower walls of the fortress lean to the prison. During the USSR it operated as closed type prison.

While the prison was constructed, some parts of the walls of the fortress and defensive towers were used as prison walls. At this time, the Aghoglan door of the Shusha fortress changes as an entry to the prison and re-formed.

Shusha prison is also a sample of historic monuments, architecture. Therefore it should be learned in terms of construction and architecture and to be protected.

Shusha prison was considered as one of the most fearful prisons during Russian Empire and the USSR. The most dangerous, the most serious criminals were sent here. In general, the prison is envisaged for 350 people to be sentenced.

Criminals from different parts of the Russian Empire and the USSR were sentenced to this prison.

It was also used as a prison after the occupation of the city on May 8, 1992.

During the occupation, Armenian criminals detained Azerbaijani captives namely here. Armenians terribly tortured Azerbaijani civilians from Khojali, Khojavand, Shusha, Lachin, Kalbajar, Aghdam, Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Zangilan, Gubadli here, and treated inhumanly against them. Along with civilians, Azerbaijani servicemen captured in the war faced Armenian atrocities here.

Shusha prison considered one of the most horrible prisons in the USSR and which is almost two-centuries-old is the witness of the crimes committed by Armenians against Azerbaijanis for 28 years, and the tortures conducted against them.

While entering from the door of the prison, you see an awful scene. The stink from the cells cracks the head. Dirty walls, semi-dark rooms, heavy iron doors make a first impression about how horrible days spent the people detained here.

The soldier, who came to me, said that he can take me to the Dilgam and Shahbaz's cell. We come to the place, where there are single-person cameras, with soldiers. Dilgam Asgarov and Shahbaz Guliyev have been detained here. It is interesting that in which cell they have been detained.

Russian citizen Dilgam Asgarov and Azerbaijani citizen Shahbaz Guliyev have been taken hostage by the Armenian Armed Forces on July 11, 2014, while visiting their ancestral homes in the Kalbajar region, and Azerbaijani citizen Hasan Hasanov has been killed. An illegal “court” has been set up in the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh on Dilgam Asgarov and Shahbaz Guliyev, and in accordance with the decision of the “court”, Dilgam Asgarov has been sentenced to life imprisonment and Shahbaz Guliyev to 22 years in prison.

During counter-offensive operations of the Azerbaijani Army, Dilgam Asgarov and Shahbaz Guliyev have been taken to Armenia from the Shusha prison where they were detained. Alongside them, other prisoners have also transferred to Armenia.

They became the last Azerbaijanis who sentenced to Armenian torture in the Shusha prison. After that, at the insistence of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Dilgam Asgarov and Shahbaz Guliyev have been released and returned to Azerbaijan from Armenia.

What does not cross from a person’s mind? I wonder that regardless of age or gender, what atrocities Azerbaijani prisoners, hostages have been faced here? How many bodies have been found, and how many of them have been disabled here from the torture? I open the doors one by one and enter. It is as if the picture of sufferings, that have been given by the prison guards of the Russian Empire, the USSR, and more recently the Armenian occupiers to the detainees, come to life on the walls of the cells. People's voices and cries, whose arms-ribs, legs, teeth, noses, heads have been broken and the nails pulled, come to the person's ears. How incredible and the terrifying place is here?

I threw myself out from the dark prison rooms, take a deep breath, and thank thousand times. I thank that the revenge of Azerbaijanis, who shed blood and were subjected to Armenian torture, did not remain on the ground. The enemy was held accountable for each Azerbaijanis that have been killed and tortured by them for 28 years. Azerbaijani soldier has scattered the myth of the "invincible Armenian army" in 44 days, liberated our lands from the occupation, took the revenge of innocent people, liberated Shusha, that is the head crown of Karabakh, and alongside with Shusha, released Shusha prison, which is the living witness of the history. Now, the Shusha prison is also free!

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