President: "Taking Shusha is, in general, a separate saga, yes, it is like an epic"

President:  "Taking Shusha is, in general, a separate saga, yes, it is like an epic"
# 27 February 2021 04:13 (UTC +04:00)

"Currently, the leading special military schools are studying both special operations and coordination of efforts of all types of troops. That is, when everything is known about this operation, it will go down in history as the most successful operation. It should be noted that the enemy has been very active in strengthening the defense wall for about 30 years. Even when going to the liberated territories, you have probably seen, especially in the direction of Fizuli, several defensive lines, as well as long-range firing points, even their own positions were fired upon so that we could come under artillery fire as we entered. Therefore, it took a lot of courage and fearlessness to break through the deeply echeloned line of defense, and our offensive groups showed real heroism while using the enemy's line of defense," said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at the press conference held in a video format for local and foreign journalists, APA reports.

The head of state regretted that there were many victims among them. Because the main issue was to break the line of defense: “We knew exactly where they were waiting for us and what they would do. So we went from place to place that would not have occurred to them. They still do not understand how we got to Shusha. They do not understand, they ask each other. Sometimes this issue appears in the press. But someday they will understand that this is a separate story about the unparalleled courage, heroism and selflessness of Azerbaijani special forces and other special military units. However, today it is no longer a secret that special forces of the border service, internal troops, security service, intelligence service, special forces of the Nakhchivan army took part in the combat operations. Each of them had its own task under a single command. The special services did a great job in liberating our territories for 44 days. Army corps also played a major role in liberating the territories and maintaining positions.

The frontline aircraft, as well as the drones you mentioned, have, of course, played a major role in minimizing losses, because without them, the losses would be many times higher. As you rightly point out, they performed not only strike and reconnaissance functions, but also fire correction functions. Sometimes even in the footage shown, the target is seen, and the projectile hits the target. Therefore, the combination of all these operations was successful. And, of course, proper planning. I must tell you that it would be very difficult for us if the planning was not correct. Because in addition to long-term fortifications, natural relief is also a problem. After all, you have to climb a mountain, climb from the bottom up.

Taking Shusha is generally a separate saga, yes, it is like an epic. Because the warriors had to take what they could take, but what can you take with you? Maximum grenade launcher. It requires incredible physical strength and preparation. It is necessary to climb from below to the raft rocks. The defensive lines were very strong, and there were Armenian tanks and artillery. We have bayonets and light weapons. Sometimes I also observe the opinion of experts, but, of course, everyone has their own opinion. This is also clear, because the expert can not be familiar with the whole picture of combat operations. Therefore, of course, there is a certain tendency in favor of some kind of war. But I must say that none of these elements would have ensured our victory without a unified command and planning. The right combination of all this: reconnaissance, artillery, strike drones, unmanned suicide bombers, special forces, army corps - all this together led to victory. However, over time, privacy will be removed and more information will be available. But I think that even what has already happened gives enough grounds to draw the right conclusions. "

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