President Ilham Aliyev discloses list of part of Armenia's equipment which destroyed and taken as trophy

President Ilham Aliyev discloses list of part of Armenia
# 26 October 2020 13:51 (UTC +04:00)

President Ilham Aliyev has announced a list of part of the equipment of Armenia which destroyed or taken as a trophy from September 27 up today, said Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev as he addressed the nation, APA reports.

The head of the state noted that 252 tanks were destroyed, 53 tanks were taken as trophy: “Armenia was deprived of total 305 tanks. However, they still have tank. See how many tanks they had. 50 infantry fighting vehicles were destroyed and 29 were taken as trophy. 79. Guns of various calibers: 251 were destroyed, 24 were taken as a trophy. 61 mortars destroyed, 45 were taken as trophy. Totally 106. Gun howitzers totally 275. Anti-tank vehicle: 53 were destroyed. 82 Grads were destroyed. 2 Uragan, 2 MLRS, 1 TOS. Anti-aircraft missile systems 4 Tor , nearly 40 OSA, 4 KUB, 1 Krug 1, 2 S-125s were destroyed.

S-300 - one of the most expensive devices - 6 were destroyed. 6 launchers were destroyed. 1 detection station, 1 locator. The price is known. Everyone can calculate. Operational tactical missile systems 2 Elbrus, 1 Tochka U were destroyed. 231 trucks were destroyed, 20 of them with ammunition. 173 trucks were taken as a trophy. We have deprived the enemy of a total of 404 trucks.”

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