“We will celebrate the Victory Day soon,” President Ilham Aliyev

“We will celebrate the Victory Day soon,” President Ilham Aliyev
# 01 November 2012 01:02 (UTC +04:00)
According to the President, Bulbul, at the same time was "a major public figure, authentic Azerbaijani intellectual, a man close to the nation and national roots, and at the same time we was open to the world. He promoted the Azerbaijani musical art in the Soviets and in the world. In those years, art, music, and literature were the only tools promoting our nation in the world. Because Azerbaijan was not independent and our outstanding artists created the idea about the people and Azerbaijan in the world and Soviets. Bulbul has a great role in this direction. "

"Bulbul was a genuine national singer, a national master. Patriotic spirit in him was very high. At the same time, Bulbul was a wonderful actor. The characters created by him survive today. For many, the Koroglu character is identified with Bulbul. "
Bulbul was born in a beautiful part of our country - in Karabakh. Spectacular scenery, air, springs, beautiful nature of Karabakh used to give him the strength and inspiration. Karabakh’s richness and blessing fueled his unique voice.
The President noted that Bulbul’s birth place Shusha is under Armenian occupation more than 20 years.

Armenians carried out ethnic cleansing against Azerbaijanis. As a consequence of this ethnic cleansing more than one million Azerbaijanis became refugees and IDPs in their native land. We have undergone genocide. Three countries have already officially recognized it as genocide and this process continues.
At the same time we have undergone cultural genocide. Our religious, historical and cultural monuments were destroyed. Among them the busts of Bulbul, Hurshidbanu Natavan Uzeyir Hajibeyov were riddled with bullets by Armenians. Today, these busts are kept in the Museum of Art. These shot busts are witnesses of Armenian vandalism. Bulbul’s house in Shusha was destroyed.

I am sure that Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity and sovereignty. There are various factors that give reason to say this. Our year-by-year growing strength and power, growing capabilities of our influence in the international arena, support to Azerbaijan’s fair position by the international community and international law, of course, our economic strength bring closer the Victory Day. I am confident that we will celebrate the Victory Day soon.
President said that the entire world community seeks peaceful settlement of the conflict. “We also support it”. But at the same time, we are ready for any scenario. We will never allow that the second Armenian state is established in the historical Azerbaijani lands, and we will restore our territorial integrity absolutely. Then monuments of Bulbul, Natavan Uzeyir Hajibeyov will again be erected in Shusha. I am confident that we will participate in the opening of these monuments, and the national flag of Azerbaijan will wave in Khankendi and Shusha”.

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