Armenian press distorts Australian state’s resolution on “Nagorno Karabakh” – UPDATED

Armenian press distorts Australian state’s resolution on “Nagorno Karabakh” – <font color=red>UPDATED</font>
# 25 October 2012 13:08 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Anakhanim Hidayatova – APA. Armenian press distorted the resolution adopted by the legislative body of Australia’s New South Wales state on the occasion of 20th anniversary of “Nagorno Karabakh Republic”. According to APA, although Novosti Armenia Agency noted the recognition of independence of separatist regime by the state in the resolution, the document does not contain such item.

The resolution in the website of Armenian National Committee of Australia (ANC Australia) also does not contain an item on recognition of independence of “Nagorno Karabakh”.

The resolution introduced by the Pro-Armenian member of Legislative Council Marie Ficarra acknowledges recognition of right to self-determination of “Nagorno Karabakh people”.

The Council supports and promotes the representation of “Nagorno Karabakh” in the community and calls “Nagorno Karabakh” to mutual cooperation with the international community for ensuring peace in the world and region and solution of regional problems.

The MPs called Australian Government to recognize separatist regime NKR officially and strengthen Australia’s relationship with the “Nagorno Karabakh” and its citizens.

Along with this, the Council considered important to continue humanitarian and economic support to “Nagorno Karabakh Republic”.

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