Armenia will face only defeat in the short and long-term competition with Azerbaijan, President Ilham Aliyev

Armenia will face only defeat in the short and long-term competition with Azerbaijan, President Ilham Aliyev
# 21 September 2012 23:55 (UTC +04:00)
According to the information of APA ILham Aliyev said during his speech in the 4th meeting of Diplomatic corps of Azerbaijan.

“The positions of Armenia is weak in compare with ours”

The President said that the question for many years, does not find a solution, justice and international law are violated and injustice continues: ”Azerbaijan uses and must do everything possible to resolve the issue. Diplomatic efforts should grow and grow. Other factors must also play a role in solution of this issue, and important steps are taken in this direction”.

The president underlined that during 20 years, the gap, i.e. the rift between Armenia and Azerbaijan has become even greater. He said that in subsequent years, the gap will only increase, and benefits of Azerbaijan will become even more visible.

The head of state said, diplomatic efforts is being continued. The number of our friends and friendly countries increase in the world. The president mentioned that international organizations adopted fair enough resolutions that ensure our interests in solution of Nagorno-Karabakh problem: “Four resolutions of the UN Security Council, OSCE decisions, resolutions of other international organizations - the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the Non-Aligned Movement, decision of NATO, that is, the legal framework is wide, strong and indestructible. First of all, the legal framework must be strong to resolve the conflict, . Armenia’s position on this matter is very weak, and our position is very strong”.

Ilham Aliyev noted that the scientists are preparing new books with a powerful argument to the historical aspect of the question. The researches and writings reflect the truth, which is built on the historical truth:” The historical aspect of the question is very significant, because for many years Armenians through their Armenian lobbies are trying to form an opinion in the world that Nagorno-Karabakh is an ancient Armenian land and the Armenian people for centuries lived in this land. This is absolutely false, distorted information. Now we are exposing the lies and presenting the truth, at the same time strengthen the historical basis for a settlement. Nagorno-Karabakh is an ancient land of Azerbaijan. All place name toponyms are of Azerbaijani origin.
Not only in Nagorno-Karabakh but also the majority of the current place –names in Armenia are Azerbaijani origin. It means our people leaved and worked in these lands for ages and will continue to live. We will ensure it for them”.

Armenia is leaving thanks to donations

Pointing out the difference between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the sphere of economical development the head of the state said that the economy of Azerbaijan is rapidly improving:” Only our military expenses are more than Armenian state budget for two times. Our economic potentials are expanding. The number of our partners, the exportation is increasing too. Azerbaijani economy is a diverse economy and the outcomes of 6 -9 month of the current year will be clear in the near future, it shows that our income in non –oil sector will be more than 10 percent”.

The president also said that Armenia is in a deadlock because of its economy: “Without foreign donations, credits and Diasporas help the economy of Armenia will yield. Recently, even according to their official statistics the export nomenclature of Armenia has became obvious with its funny facts. I mean, frogs, - may be this auditory is not a right place to discuss such things, - but this is reality of Armenia. It means that the natural recourses of this country are running out. Industry has paralyzed. The demographic situation is in a plight. About 100 000 people live Armenia for abroad every year and this process is still continuing. No one could prevent it. It might be possible only after Armenia gives up claming its neighbors lands”.

The president evaluated Azerbaijan’s is elected in the UN Security council as a historical victory: ”This victory of Azerbaijan on the day of 20th anniversary of its independence proves our country’s potential. At the same time it shows that Azerbaijan were able to overcome Armenia by preventing Armenian Diaspora from causing false verdicts about our country. That means that we were able to change those false opinions about us and today 155 countries supports Azerbaijan. When elected in the UN Security Council I had told that we will defend justice and international laws. Now we are keeping our words. Today I discuss this issue together with my counterparts. The brave and objective position of Azerbaijan is always being confirmed.

“Armenia is very weak before these victories”

The head of state said that being represented in the UN Security Council Azerbaijan has achieved an opportunity to give more information about itself:” Of course Armenia is very weak before e these victories of Azerbaijan, actually, it confess its rout. Because diplomats very well know that, Armenia also addressed the UN Security Council on membership. But then thought a little and understand that they will face a plight and defeat. As Azerbaijan, of course, possesses greater positions. Armenia gave up this contest silently. It has to give up any other competitions as it has no power to contest with us. We will increase our strength”.

The president noted that the role of Embassies in this direction is very important, as Azerbaijan has achieved great bilateral improvements.

“We have been struggling alone for 20 years”

The president noted that, if there are clever people among the government official of Armenia, they can understand that they will face a plight in a short- term or long-term struggle with Azerbaijan:”If they agree with the current way of solution on the table and withdraw its army form the occupied territories they will ensure the future of their people. Otherwise they will face danger. The world is changing, you are aware of the processes ongoing. No doubt, a time will come when each county will be obliged to defend its interest by itself. Azerbaijan is ready for it. We used to struggle alone and have been struggling alone for 20 years. We are able to defend our interests even before the greatest world powers. And never give our ground.

“We have faced very big ordeals”

The President noted that political efforts can not be executed without considering interests of Azerbaijan in the region: ‘We have faced very big ordeals. Even when great powers, which did not share our position, showed a unit position, Azerbaijan’s position did not let any incident contradicting our interests, to take place in the region. That is, we are ready for independent fight, we are conducting this fight, confirm ourselves in the world, determine our future. But Armenia is the country, which has no future without foreign assistance. I would like also note that the ongoing processes in the region may create such situation in which Armenia will not have a chance of big selection. That is why, it is for their sake to withdraw from the lands, not belonging to them. Only then, peace and cooperation can occur in the region and Armenia can join the regional issues’.

“We do not hide the fact that, we isolate Armenia”

The Head of the State said that Azerbaijan had a say in the region and its position would strengthen more: ‘We can never let Armenia to join any political, economic, energy or transport project. We have isolated them, we do not conceal it. Our isolation policy must be continued in future. It gives its benefits. If the partners, sending us messages for solution of the issue peacefully, really want a peace in the region, Armenia must withdraw from the occupied territories. Otherwise, solution of the issue by another way is not excluded. We have never excluded it. The international law gives us this right. Only just Azerbaijan’s peaceful policy, its responsibility for the processes in the region, its stabilizer role in the region deviates us from such radical steps. That is why, the soonest settlement of the issue must be interesting for the each side. We want a peace in the region. And mediators also want it. But in line with this, we want our lands back, too. The difference is that - no matter what, we do not accept the approach of peace. That is, the freezing of the issue is impossible. Armenia, of course, wants to freeze the issue, not to violate status-quo, conduct talks, but as they speak, to achieve no result’.

“A few times we were close to an agreement”

The President expressed that a few times during the negotiations; Azerbaijan was close to an agreement: ‘Armenia’s hypocritical position, false promises did not allow us to achieve an agreement. That is, it is not secret for us that Armenia tries to freeze the issue, prolong it as long as possible.

Statements by presidents of the co-chair countries encourage us that the status quo is unacceptable, needs to be replaced. But after these statements, we were waiting concrete steps. Finally we were waiting; the aggressor will be given very serious signals that it is enough, if you don’t withdraw from these lands, Azerbaijan will solve the problem by another way. Therefore, every time, when the priority of peaceful solution is sounded, it sends a wrong message to Armenia about that, do not be worry, the issue will be solved peacefully. So, you can prolong this issue, it is a wrong approach. I have several times said our opinions on this case to our partners. We also want a peace, but I would like once more repeat that first of all, our citizens must return to the occupied territories. That is, this issue is the most urgent for us, national issue and after it we will intensify our efforts. We are on a right way. Every day, we are approaching closer to victory. Each Azerbaijani citizen, who want to get closer to victory, especially who is engaged in diplomatic activity, must actively work every day’.

“... Khojaly genocide will be recognized by other countries”

The President also touched upon the issue on recognizing Khojaly genocide: ‘I think that we have pursued a very successful policy in this direction and in a short period, the parliaments of three countries accepted Khojaly massacre as genocide. Now, Khojaly monuments are erected in other countries. Since 50s, Armenians have raised the issue ‘Armenian genocide’ in different foreign countries by the help of Diaspora organizations. But we are working on this issue for some years and have good results. Therefore, I think that this policy must be continued. Our ambassador, representatives of the embassies must raise this issue at every possible place. We have to try to introduce this genocide at different levels. We must run this issue both regionally and municipally and of course, federally. Certainly, the achieved results encourages us, show that it is possible. In general, dynamic development of our country and formation of a very positive opinion about Azerbaijan in the region show that, it is possible. We simply need to work, there should be a specific program, and tasks should be executed. That is why, I am sure that, in future, other countries will also join Mexico, Pakistan and Colombia and Khojaly genocide will be recognized by other countries. Time will come when the perpetrators of this genocide will answer to the law’.

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