Collision of two buses in Azerbaijan's Sumgait leaves 14 injured - VIDEO - UPDATED

Collision of two buses in Azerbaijan
# 08 May 2020 10:03 (UTC +04:00)

Two buses have collided in Sumgait, APA's local bureau reports.

14 people injured as a result of collision 14 people have injured, 12 of them provided with first aid and sent home, 2 of them placed in the hospital.


At early hours, a bus with 50 AE 771 state plate has collided with a bus with a 50 AE 731 state plate in Sulh Avenue. As a result of the crash, 8 people have got injuries with various degrees.

Injured people have been taken to the Traumatology Department of the Sumgait Emergency Assistance Hospital. According to the primary probability, the cause of the crash was high speed.