Azerbaijan's Ministry of Emergency Situations appeals to people regarding fire safety rules on New Year holiday - VIDEO

# 25 December 2019 12:29 (UTC +04:00)

The Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) has appealed to people in regard to fire safety rules on the New Year holiday, the MES told APA.

The appeal says the fire risk increases significantly due to the New Year holiday, and in this regard, everybody should know some safety rules.

The fir tree decorated at homes and entertainment centers should be firmly fixed to the floor, the branches of the tree shouldn’t touch ceiling and walls, the operable electric plants and devices compliant with relevant standard shall be used in lighting, the tree shouldn’t be decorated with flammable Christmas ornaments, no fireworks should be done in a closed space.

“These should be considered in holiday party: Party should not be held above the second floor, the wall, floor, and ceiling of the room where the party is held should be fireproof, there should not be iron grills in windows, venue should have two-way outs, the spare door should have green light electric board with the word written “Exit” on it, the doors of the room should definitely be opened to outside, there should not be more person than planned, in the venue, light should not be completely turned off in the party, should not be worn clothes with flammable material. The venue should be provided with primary fire extinguishing means. Do not forget: Indifference to the rules is a threat to our life. Call 112 in case of danger!,” the appeal reads.