Armenia’s citizen crossed border into Azerbaijan - VIDEO - UPDATED

Armenia’s citizen crossed border into Azerbaijan - VIDEO - UPDATED
# 15 July 2020 17:32 (UTC +04:00)

The citizen of Armenia Narek Sardaryan aged 30 has crossed the border into the territory of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan using the lack of control over the positions of the occupying country, APA reports.

Sardaryan detained by our military servicemen said he was engaged in cattle-breeding on the area near the border with Nakhchivan, he got oppressed with violence, the rent-seeking behavior of state officials, and unfair attitudes and was looking for an opportunity to cross the border and was seeking asylum in our country.

We present N. Sardaryan’s confessions:

Question: İntroduce yourself.

Answer: I, Sardaryan Narek Suren was born on October 18, 1990, I am resident of Asagi Khndzoresk village of Syunik district, I was married in 2014, I have two children, I am engaged in livestock farming and planting.

Question: Why did you pass the border, what was your purpose?

Answer: I wanted to pass the border earlier too, but I did not have an opportunity. I got this opportunity while engaging in farming on the border with Nakhchivan. Because there is violence, injustices in Armenia, I have applied many officials, government representatives, but they did not help me. That is why I passed through the Azerbaijani border. I want help from the Azerbaijani side. Soldiers treated with me well on the border, they did not fire.

Question: How did you pass the border?

Answer: I approached Azerbaijani post by feeding animals, put off my white clothing in order not to be fired by militants and they detained me.

Question: Which injustices have you been subjected to?

Answer: I have been subjected to many injustices. Village’s executive representative wants 20000 drams for every animal, besides land tax. In fact, we should pay 2000 drams, they collect additional money from us as a bribe by force. When we want to sell an animal, territorial commissar Andranik comes and wants payment for it. Otherwise, he threatens that he will arrest by slandering.

Question: Why did you bring animals to the pastures of Gorayk village, situated on the border with Nakhchivan?

Answer: There was not a pasture in Gorus, they received USD 1000 for 2000 hectares of pasture in Gorayk. I have also given USD 1000 to the Executive body of Sisian for use of grasslands.

Question: What can you say about the situation in Armenia?

Answer: The situation in Armenia is very bad, there is almost no work, bribery and injustice are spreading. There is much bribery in the police, the socio-economic situation of the population is very difficult. In the pastures of Syunik province, the head of the Gorus traffic police Sevak and the military commissar Armen has seized all the suitable lands using their powers and do not allow us to engage in cattle-breeding there, do not allow other local residents to enter the area.

Question: How is the general situation in the Armenian army?

Answer: The situation in the Armenian army is very bad, no one accepts one another, indiscipline exists, they do not obey each other, the drug is widely used. Eyes are turned blind in the army to the cultivation and sale of drugs by servicemen. Generally, police do not take any measures against drug users. Opium ad drugs are cultivated in different areas, police are weak, they are not able to fight.

Question: Which illegalities did exist in military units where you served?

Answer: I have served in #5060 military unit of Border troops in Vandazor, and military unit #5070 in Kashtagh region of Zangilan district. I attended a mobilization meeting in the Gubadli region in 2019. There are chaos, indiscipline, and bribery in the Armenian army. Despite it was considered the attendance of 700 people in mobilization gathering, even not 200 people attended.

Question: How do you see the part of life after this?

Answer: I ask to give me citizenship here. Do not return me to Armenia, I have fed up from there, the people are insulted there. If it is not possible, I ask to deliver me to the third country.