Samad Seyidov: “Armenian delegation’s head dismissed from PACE Political Committee’s meeting” - INTERVIEW

Samad Seyidov: “Armenian delegation’s head dismissed from PACE Political Committee’s meeting” - <span style="color: red;">INTERVIEW
# 08 October 2015 19:03 (UTC +04:00)

Baku. Malahat Najafova – APA. Chairman of the Committee on Foreign and Interparliamentary Relations, Head of Azerbaijan’s delegation to PACE Samad Seyidov’s interview to APA:

- After completion of the PACE autumn session the Armenian press published comments of the Armenian delegation criticized Azerbaijan. In particular, there were allegations that the alleged bribes Azerbaijan luring some MPs to their side ...

- Recently held a session of the PACE. At the meeting of the political committee, the head of the Armenian delegation was expelled from the hall for non-constructive position. This happened in front of everyone. Prevention of Nagorno Karabakh rapporteur on Nagorno Karabakh, as well as the rapporteur for Sarsang reservoir - a gross violation of the rules of the Council of Europe. PACE expressed its serious form of the claims of the Armenian delegation. But whether it has found reflection in the Armenian press and information resource of the Council of Europe? Armenian press published false, defamatory information. Allegedly, in the meetings in other parliamentarians sit Azerbaijanis ... The session was a decision on preparation and submission of the report of the Council of Europe in preventing Karabakh rapporteur on Nagorno Karabakh. Robert Voltaire and Milica Markovic came to Azerbaijan, visited the contact line of troops. Ms. Markovic specifically at the meeting said that if she will not be allowed entry to Armenia, it will make and present a report to the Council of Europe.

Regarding the Azerbaijani delegation, I note that at the session was heard and approved the report. Our women deputies were appointed rapporteurs. Samad Seyidov was elected deputy chairman of the Monitoring Committee. Another fact about Armenia. Their work was so bad that only a limited noise and shouting, ardent attempts to use anti-Azerbaijani circles.

False allegations of bribery voiced by Armenians for many years. In fact, the use of bribes, to organize a trip to Nagorno-Karabakh and to engage in illegal activities there - their way of working. If they had at least one fact - immediately involved to anti-Azerbaijani relations. Because they are so sensitive to the issues that are against us. They can not and will not present any one fact. And in that case start to scream and shout. This blatant lie and slander. If this anything would correspond to reality, those circles immediately submitted to specific names and issues. But while they are doing it. Some deputies took an anti-Azerbaijani position is a result of their activities.

- Some international organizations refused to send a mission to Azerbaijan to observe the upcoming elections. What is your opinion on this issue?

- Some time ago, the European Parliament adopted baseless, biased anti-Azerbaijani resolution full of lies and slander. We have expressed our position back. Specifically, Azerbaijan has clearly stated that will not give up its position, its path. In that resolution it was also an appeal not to send observation mission to Azerbaijan.

Immediately after the acceptance of the resolution, the ODIHR announced its intention not to send an observation mission to Azerbaijan. Then, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and supported this statement. I went to a chain reaction. They assumed that their decision support and other international organizations. PACE although it was decided to send observation mission to Azerbaijan, but this issue vnos was included in the agenda. In fact, it is against the rules. The issue was again put on the agenda, but an attempt to distance Azerbaijan from international organizations failed. The arrival of the PACE delegation, and confirmed by provocation failed. They were coordinated, but doomed to failure of attempts to exert pressure on Azerbaijan, using the parliamentary elections. We are aware of what kind of circles are trying to influence on Azerbaijan. One reason. Certain forces do not like the fact that Azerbaijan pursues an independent policy in favor of international organizations from the standpoint of the interests of its people. Azerbaijan is represented in international organizations for membership in these structures. I want to go back to the statement of Mr. Jagland. We did not create a working group for the sake of it was presented to the representative Jagland. We have created a working group to ensure that issues relating to human rights in Azerbaijan were solved at a higher level. Step Jagland will affect the Council of Europe, reduce its credibility and means of influence. Azerbaijan continues its relationship with the Council of Europe in a bilateral way. This decision is just one of the actions of provocative character. It has only sound, but has no effect. Anti-Azerbaijani forces took advantage of this, aim to bring the message of what the world and tarnish Azerbaijan.

- Rapporteurs on Nagorno Karabakh were not allowed in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh ...

- Rapporteur did not admit to Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. This is a flagrant violation of all the principles of the Council of Europe. Armenia has not admitted, but reporters must continue its work. For avoidance of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh does not mean that the report will not be prepared. Both speakers were in Azerbaijan and visited the frontline zone.

They've got all the information they need and unfortunately, can not visit Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. However, there are both negative and positive aspects of non-speakers of PACE in Armenia and Karabakh. So there is something that the Armenian side is trying to hide. We know that they are trying to hide. There unlawfully processes. In Nagorno-Karabakh - the territory of Azerbaijan Armenian Armed Forces are focused. The separatist regime of Nagorno-Karabakh had never had its army. Armenia itself is confirmed, he denied entry rapporteurs. With high probability, the draft of these reports will be submitted for discussion by the Committee of PACE in November and December. They started to provocations, to prevent it, and create a negative opinion about the upcoming elections in the country. Review of a decision on the direction of the observation mission, the statement Jagland, made under pressure from anti-Azerbaijani forces - some of these provocations. Although no-effectiveness of these provocations, we should be ready for their next provocations.

- In what format will work in Azerbaijan PACE observation mission?

- Have already formed a delegation of 40 parliamentarians representing all political parties in the Council of Europe. They have already carried out a pre-election mission. They will arrive in the country for about two days before the vote. Where they went, what areas to visit - their business, we have no right to interfere in their work. Azerbaijan is open to all observation missions.

-What is the probability of inclusion in the observation mission of representatives of the anti - Azerbaijani forces?

- As I said, we should not think that in case of failure of a provocation, they do not involve the following. Their goal is to not observe the elections in any form or scope of the development in relation to human rights. They are seeking provocation. Tends to complicate the situation and get over it some dividends. We are ready for anything. The point on the elections in Azerbaijan puts Azerbaijani people. Elections are formed, conducted and approved on the basis of the views and positions of the people. It does not happen on the basis of the conclusion of some international organization. We do not hold elections for the sake of international organizations, the basis is the opinion of the people.

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