MP: Anti-Azerbaijan circles failed to intervene in Azerbaijan’s domestic affairs through Georgia

MP: Anti-Azerbaijan circles failed to intervene in Azerbaijan’s domestic affairs through Georgia
# 02 June 2017 14:14 (UTC +04:00)

Some anti-Azerbaijan circles, especially Armenia and its lobby, have long been seeking to damage warm relations between Georgia and Azerbaijan and cause escalation between the two friendly countries, Elman Nasirov, Azerbaijani MP, Director of the Institute of Political Studies of the Academy of Public Administration under the Azerbaijani President, told APA.

Nasirov noted that a certain individual’s name is frequently mentioned by some international NGO these days.

“It’s Afghan Mukhtarli, who presented himself as a journalist. As a matter of fact, what’s happening is no secret to the Azerbaijani public,” said the lawmaker. “Those anti-Azerbaijan international circles have begun manipulating Afghan Mukhtarli, who is cooperating with them in their anti-Azerbaijan plans. Afghan Mukhtarli is not known in Azerbaijan, not even as a journalist. He was known as a personal security guard of Khadija Ismayilova. Those circles are trying to make a hero out of this security guard-journalist.”

According to him, Afghan Mukhtarli and some others have found refugee in Georgia by various ways, creating an anti-Azerbaijan network.

Nasirov stressed that after Afghan Mukhtarli’s detention, pro-Armenian circles, Armenian media, as well as foreign media agencies or organizations which are under Armenian lobbyist influence are trying to defend him and tarnish Azerbaijan’s image.

“They are even pressuring the Georgian government for this purpose. That’s not surprising us because we do know Afghan Mukhtarli have been working with international organizations like Freedom House and Human Rights Watch, which have always been hostile to Azerbaijan,” he said.

The MP went on to say: “They have always conducted a smear campaign against Azerbaijan within international organizations. Both Azerbaijani and Georgian authorities are aware of them. But today, both the Georgian authorities and citizens see that all of this is another provocative act against Azerbaijan and they don’t succumb to it. They know that these people have lost spiritual values, beliefs and are ready for everything, including betrayal for money. Therefore, both Azerbaijani and Georgian people want these people to be isolated from society and punished under international law.”

He stressed that anti-Azerbaijani circles have failed to intervene in Azerbaijan’s domestic affairs through Georgia.

Speaking to APA, Azerbaijani MP Musa Gasimli noted that the reason behind anti-Azerbaijani campaigns being conducted by some circles in Georgia and the pressure exerted on the Georgian government are clear.

“As is known, Azerbaijani and Georgian state authorities’ exposure of an anti-Azerbaijani network was a heavy blow on them. Some countries which seem interested in escalation of tension in the region, especially Armenia become furious about the close cooperation between Azerbaijan and Georgia in all fields and they resort to various ways and slanders to undermine the mutual relations between the two countries. I think such attempts will be unsuccessful again as before,” he added.