Head of EU Delegation to Azerbaijan summoned to Foreign Ministry

Head of EU Delegation to Azerbaijan summoned to Foreign Ministry
# 11 September 2015 12:07 (UTC +04:00)

Deputy Foreign Minister Mahmud Mammad-Guliyev informed the EU ambassador’s about Azerbaijan’s position in connection with the resolution adopted by the European Parliament.

The deputy FM said Baku strongly condemns the European Parliament’s resolution dated 10 September 2015.

The document which is biased and destructive in nature undermines the relations between Azerbaijan and the EU, as well as is a serious impediment for further prospects of cooperation, Mammad-Guliyev said.

The deputy FM added that the hasty adoption of the resolution at the plenary session without holding relevant discussions in appropriate committees, as pointed out by some members of the European Parliament, was accompanied by a number of procedural shortcomings.

The resolution contains full of distorted information about the human rights situation in Azerbaijan, deliberately politicizes individual criminal cases and in contrast to their true essence puts forward unfounded claims, Mammad-Guliyev stressed.

Also, the fact that the European Parliament always approaches Azerbaijan on a selective basis is indicative of the human rights issue being used as a means of pressures on Azerbaijan, the deputy FM said, noting that MEPs need to know that such attempts are bound to failure in advance.

He said the humiliating form of expression used in some provisions of the resolution goes beyond ethic norms. “The untrue and ugly slanders addressed to the country are unacceptable and a major blow to the reliability of this organization. Furthermore, baseless calls over purposeful sanctions and visa bans cannot be tolerated in any way.”

This clearly indicates that the approval of such a document serves the interests of some interested powers who aim to damage Azerbaijan’s increasing international influence, Mammad-Guliyev stressed.

“Moreover, the phrase “Nagorno-Karabakh” used in the resolution is in contrast with international law and is therefore unacceptable. At a time Europe is facing numerous threats that need an urgent solution, it’s no surprise that the European Parliament continuously emphasizes on the human rights issue in Azerbaijan,” he added.

Azerbaijan thinks that it would be more appropriate if the European Parliament paid more attention to extreme use of force, mistreatment by law enforcement agencies, discrimination and intolerance, islamophobia, corruption, migration problems, etc. defined by UN human rights mechanisms, the CoE, the OSCE and other international organizations in EU countries, the deputy FM emphasized.

It’s regrettable that the European Commission does nothing to prevent the European Parliament from putting this tendentious resolution to the vote. On the contrary, recent statements by high ranking official from the European Commission had a negative impact on this process, Mammad-Guliyev completed.

Malena Mard has said that Azerbaijan’s position will be conveyed to related structures of the European Union.

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