Azerbaijani parliament’s vice-speaker: Some manipulate European Parliament’s power; Lunacek is most active among them

Azerbaijani parliament’s vice-speaker: Some manipulate European Parliament’s power; Lunacek is most active among them
# 10 June 2015 11:18 (UTC +04:00)

Baku. Mubariz Aslanov – APA. There are no unsolved problems in bilateral relations of Azerbaijan with European countries, except for some positional differences. But it’s regrettable that some persons who serve a variety of interests and are connected with different forces try to fulfill their targets against other countries within various organizations once they fail to do what they planned in their own countries, Bahar Muradova, the head of the Azerbaijani Delegation to the OSCE PA and the Azerbaijani parliament’s vice-speaker, told APA.

She was commenting on Ulrike Lunacek, the European Parliament’s vice-president and a member of the European Green Party, and a group of European parliamentarians joining the opening meeting of the organization’s session with shirts bearing pictures of imprisoned human rights defenders in Azerbaijan on them.

She said Lunacek and her surrounding are of this type.

“But her calls cannot be considered as a unanimous position of countries and people within the European Parliament. This is the position of a group of people. We know them long before the European Parliament,” she added.

According to Muradova, some persons manipulate the European Parliament’s power and that Lunacek is the most active among them.

“Her attitude toward Azerbaijan is not merely based on her goal of “protecting human rights” in our country. Her connection with pro-Armenian forces is no longer a secret. There have previously been facts of her supporting Armenian project against Azerbaijan and Turkey.

The parliament’s deputy speaker said there are attempts to politicize the upcoming European Games instead of benefiting from such a sports event that opens up opportunities to take the advantage of peace, tranquility, security, interaction of cultures among people, nations, and states.

“We witnessed another such attempt at the European Parliament. We regret that. They use the European Games as a tool to reach some goals. That is absolutely unacceptable. Azerbaijan is known in the world as a sports country. While developed European countries did not undertake to host the Games at a time Europe is stricken by a serious financial crisis, Azerbaijan assumed responsibility of this burden. If Azerbaijan contributes to the creation of a platform potentially beneficial for the West, they ought to evaluate it decently. If they don’t, history will give it a proper value itself,” noted Bahar Muradova.