Armenian human rights defender to form movement against President Sargsyan

Armenian human rights defender to form movement against President Sargsyan
# 11 May 2016 17:56 (UTC +04:00)

According to the newspaper, Vahan Martirosyan, head of the Armenian Intra-national Liberation Movement, left Armenia for Azerbaijan after exposing the regime of Serzh Sargsyan who is carrying out political repression and total control.

The article says Martirosyan was threatened with arrest, he and his family were subjected to physical pressure, as a result of which his wife miscarried her baby. He appealed to Azerbaijan for political asylum, which was granted. He then moved to a third country.

“The Society for Protection of Women Rights named after Dilara Aliyeva, which is dealing with the case of the dissident and his family, for the safety of the Martirosyan family do not reveal the name of the third country they reside. The Armenian dissident will hold a press conference in Baku before beginning his “travel” in an “unknown direction.” He gave a peace message on ending the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict and called on the international community not to forget the tragedy of occupied Nagorno-Karabakh, which is internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan,” the article says.

According to the article, Martirosyan upon leaving Azerbaijan accused the current leadership of Armenia of instigating the conflict and promote feelings of hatred between the peoples of Armenia and Azerbaijan. He said that the Armenians living in Armenia are tired of the Karabakh conflict.

The article notes that Martirosyan said Chief of the Armenian General Staff Yuri Khachaturov has taken over all work in the Armenian army.

“He has created an incredible corruption within the Armenian army and destroyed it. Only on paper, Khachaturov has a contractual staff of 5,000 men. Funds are allocated from the state budget for these persons who are only mentioned in Khachaturov’s reports”, noted Martirosyan.

Moreover, the article says that the Armenian human rights defender spoke about relations with the Azerbaijani people said that Azerbaijanis don’t hate the Armenian people, said that he was impressed by the fact that no damage have been caused to the church in the Fountain Square in Baku which is considered the “Armenian Heritage”, and it is under protection of the Azerbaijani state.

“Although Martirosyan is Armenian, he is in favor of withdrawal of the Armenian troops from all Azerbaijan's all occupied territories, including Nagorno-Karabakh. Though he is in a third country, Martirosyan said that he will continue his political activity. He said that he will create a social movement of the Armenians living abroad against President Serzh Sargsyan,” the article says.